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Commercial building windows need to possess several characteristics: They let in natural light, provide large views, and add to the exterior appeal of the building. At the same time, windows for commercial buildings also need to have the function of high-performance energy efficiency.

Renovation of an Old Factory, Louisville, Kentucky

Therefore at that time, our design idea was to provide a larger light area while maintaining the overall aesthetics and maintaining good ventilation.

Four Panels Glass Sliding Doors Project in Carribean Islands Resort

With the intention of maximizing as much natural light as possible, sliding doors are usually large glass panes that extend from the ground to the ceiling, enabling you to enjoy both indoors and outdoors in all weathers.

42 Units Apartment + 1 Club House, Austin, Texas

Big commercial complex of 42 units of apartment and 1 club house with the total area of 2550.59 sqm. After installation, the client’s evaluation shows his satisfaction with Doorwin’s products and this cooperation.

Double Color Thermal Break Aluminum Windows Project of a Hotel at Missouri

When the time came to replace the building's original windows, the building owner wanted to find energy-efficient windows that could be replaced from inside the building and provide a consistent look from the exterior. 

Oak Wood Clad Aluminum Windows Project of Minister's Office in Afghanistan

Aluminium clad wood windows & doors combine the best features of wood and aluminium into our premium system.

Teak Wood Clad Aluminum Tilt Turn Windows Project at CA

It features thermal break aluminum windows with teak wood interior cladding in French style opening. Thus it remains great energy efficiency, low maintenance, and easy finishing of thermal break aluminum profiles.

Modern Bifold Patio Door at Jamaica

Among all the big doors, bifold doors save more space and allow the maximum amount of light. Folding Patio Doors are ideal for a house with a big opening, especially or exterior door. There will be a great place for a garden party, yard barbecue, and other gatherings.

Ultra-Narrow Frame Aluminum Projects

Minimalist or ultra-narrow frame is an essential element for modern residential and commercial spaces today, comprising windows and doors where the sightlines are smaller and less visible than regular products.

Wood Alu-Clad Tilt Turn Windows Project in Canada

Tilt turn windows are energy efficient and multifunctional, and contemporary. Wood alu-clad window frame are energy efficient and time-tested, great for the climate of Canada.

Project Of Wood Bay & Bow Windows, Windsor, Canada

The main window type of the project is bay & bow window, featuring solid oak wood and aluminum exterior cladding in tilt turn opening with built-in shutters. 

White Wood Alu-Clad Tilt Turn Window Project For New Zealand Client

Wood windows are the most energy efficient, but wood window might rot, warp, that’s what worries users. Doorwin applies extruded aluminum exterior cladding for the wood window to provide excellent protection to the wood

Project Of Wood Aluminum Tilt Turn Casement Windows For Wooden Houses 

To match the wooden house style, for interior side, we apply solid oak interior. With solid oak interior, thermal break aluminum with champagne color, the house is with good energy efficiency and own natural feeling and beauty  of solid oak wood.

Project Of PVC Crank Casement Windows, Austin, Texas

Crank casement windows are one of classic American style windows. Instead of the handle, the crank rotates to open and close the windows. It’s easy to operate, even for children and elders on the wheelchairs.

Wood French Windows Projects at Washington

The French casement windows have two sashes that swing open from the center quickly and smoothly with gentle push, providing an unobstructed view. They allow much more light to come in, along with better flow of fresh air.



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