About The Project:  

Doorwin has done many projects for wooden constructions for USA clients. This project is about tilt turn windows with oak wood interior and thermal break aluminum exterior for wooden house of client in Napa, California, USA. The windows feature bottom tilt turn windows and top fixed transom windows. Tempered glass and Germany brand hardware provide good security and performance.  

About Window Design

As we discussed with the client, thermal break aluminum windows provide great performance for the climate of Napa, CA. To match the wooden house style, for interior side, we apply solid oak interior. With solid oak interior, thermal break aluminum with champagne color, the house is with good energy efficiency and own natural feeling and beauty  of solid oak wood.

Why Would Clients Choose Doorwin?

That’s a common question that clients frequently ask to make sure they are cooperating with proper manufactures. The reason why clients would choose Doorwin are as followed.

Proper Windows Frame For Your Projects

For climate like California, wood aluminum window frame is energy efficient. Interior solid oak brings nature and beautiful wood grain to the home, and it matches the wooden house constructions.

We apply the finest extrude aluminum profile with thickness of over 1.4 mm to provide durable strength. Instead of general aluminum, thermal break aluminum, with a thermal barrier in the middle, provide better heart insulation.


Proper Windows Opening Ways For your Projects

For this project, we recommend tilt turn windows for our clients. Casement ( with a crank ) is classic window type in America. Casement provides great ventilation and unobstructed view. Tilt turn windows are Germany style window. It features two ways of opening by swing open inward as a casement or tilting from the top as a hopper by different position of the same handle. Tilt turn windows own the benefits of casement windows and hopper, which makes the windows secure, energy efficient and practical.


Quality Products With Delicate Design

Not only we provide the quality window frame and practical opening way, we also care about glazing and locking system. We install tempered glass of double pane for our standard glazing option. With low-e coating, argon gas filled and warm edge spacer, our windows are of great performance.


As for locking system, we apply Germany origin brand SIEGENIA or ROTO brand with multi -point lock to provide excellent security and durability.


About Doorwin

As one of key manufactures in China, Doorwin keeps provide quality products and professional pre-sale and after -sale service to every of our clients. We keep satisfied our clients with quality products for their projects. Let us help with your project at support@doorwingroup.com or visit our website at https://www.doorwingroup.com/.




June 17, 2020 — DOORWINGROUP

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