In regions frequently tested by the fury of hurricanes and adverse weather conditions, the resilience of your windows becomes a paramount consideration. Doorwin offers tailored solutions specifically crafted for the demanding climates of coastal areas. Our windows, having successfully navigated the rigorous testing of the Florida Building Code (FBC), stand as a testament to their strength and durability. This is not merely about windows; it's about fortifying your home against nature's might while maintaining an optimal and energy-efficient living environment.

Understanding FBC (Florida Building Code):

In coastal regions, windows face the harsh realities of high winds and potential impact from debris during storms. The Florida Building Code (FBC) sets stringent standards for windows in these areas, mandating impact resistance within one mile of the coast where wind speeds exceed 110 mph. Even if your home isn't directly within this zone, opting for FBC-compliant windows is a wise decision.

Windows, as part of a complex system, encompass not only glazing but also the frame, sash, and operable elements. Doorwin's coastal windows adhere to FBC regulations, providing impact resistance and energy efficiency. The FBC outlines precise performance and construction requirements for these windows, ensuring their reliability and safety. Testing by approved laboratories is mandatory, and each approved window carries labels identifying crucial information, including the manufacturer, performance characteristics, and certifications.

Doorwin's commitment to excellence extends to every product, ensuring that your home not only meets but exceeds the necessary standards for coastal living. Our windows are more than mere openings; they are guardians of your peace of mind. Explore Doorwin's range of coastal solutions, combining strength, style, and safety for homes in hurricane-prone areas.

Explore our FBC-certified products, meticulously designed to offer a harmonious blend of safety, efficiency, and architectural elegance in the dynamic landscapes of the southeastern United States and beyond.

Doorwin FBC Certified Products

Doorwin 110S Glass Walls & Fixed Windows

Exploring new dimensions in residential design, the Doorwin 110S Glass Wall Series transcends its architectural purpose, becoming an iconic choice for fixed windows in coastal homes. Here's an in-depth look at its exceptional features:

1)Strengthy Aluminum Profiles:

Standing tall at 110mm thickness from interior to exterior, the aluminum profiles of the 110S are engineered for robustness. Enhanced with thermal breaks, these profiles become a fortress against extreme weather conditions. The amalgamation of safety and efficiency ensures that your coastal home is not only secure but also energy-efficient, curbing heating and electricity bills.

2)Advanced Glazing Sets:

The 110S doesn't compromise on its glazing sets. The standard configuration includes double-pane laminated glass (6mm + 12Ar + 6mm + 1.78SGP + 6mm) with Low-E coating and argon gas fill. This not only fortifies the windows against extreme weather but also ensures a 0.18 U-factor.

Notably, our laminated glass incorporates the advanced SGP (SentryGlas® Plus) coating, The interlayer is 5 x stronger and up to 100 x stiffer than regular laminates such as PVB. This commitment to quality sets Doorwin's hurricane-resistant windows apart, providing homeowners with the utmost peace of mind in coastal areas.

3)Fixed Windows for Customization:

The unique selling proposition of the 110S lies in its fixed windows with no openable sash. This distinctive feature allows for unlimited customization in terms of size and shape, making it the perfect canvas for your design aspirations. Doorwin goes a step further by providing design assistance and fully customizable shapes, ensuring that your window is not just a functional element but a work of art tailored to your preferences.

4)Made For Large Opening Design Possibilities

Beyond its inherent strength and efficiency, the Doorwin 110S Curtain Wall Series stands out as a versatile design solution, offering immense possibilities for large openings for both residential and commercial. Crafted with precision and innovation, these curtain wall windows can seamlessly integrate with entry doors and other door types. The result? A harmonious symphony of glass and door elements, creating a stunning combination glass wall that not only reinforces your home but also transforms it into a visual masterpiece. Tailor your space with the freedom to envision and implement grand architectural designs, all while enjoying the benefits of robust construction and energy efficiency that Doorwin is renowned for. Elevate your living experience with the Doorwin 110S, where strength meets design ingenuity.

Choosing the Doorwin 110S Curtain Wall Series for your coastal residence is a testament to your commitment to safety, efficiency, and bespoke design. It's not just a window; it's a canvas for your architectural dreams.

Doorwin Coastal Project Showcases

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Doorwin 128S Out-Swing Windows

In coastal areas where resilience against hurricanes is paramount, Doorwin's 128S Aluminum Out-Swing Window stands as a beacon of strength and energy efficiency. Here's why it's the ideal choice:

1) Super Strength Profile:

The 128S is meticulously crafted from top-tier aluminum featuring thermal breaks. What sets it apart is the substantial width of 128mm on the non-visible side. This robust profile not only ensures structural integrity but also enhances thermal performance, offering a harmonious blend of strength and energy efficiency.

2) Advanced Glazing Sets:

Elevating the standard, the 128S comes with double-pane laminated glass (6mm + 12Ar + 6mm + 1.78SGP + 6mm), fortified with double Low-E coating and argon gas fill.

Notably, our laminated glass incorporates the advanced SGP (SentryGlas® Plus) coating, The interlayer is 5 x stronger and up to 100 x stiffer than regular laminates such as PVB. This commitment to quality sets Doorwin's hurricane-resistant windows apart, providing homeowners with the utmost peace of mind in coastal areas.

3)Stainless Steel Window Screen:

The 128S is equipped with a durable stainless steel window screen. Beyond its primary function of keeping insects at bay, this feature adds an extra layer of security. The in-swing operation of the window, complemented by the stainless steel screen, ensures a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

4)German-Imported Hardware:

German engineering speaks volumes about quality and precision, and the 128S doesn't compromise. Every element of the hardware system is sourced from Germany, guaranteeing not only solidity but also enhanced security and smooth operations. The seals are purposefully designed for extreme conditions, ensuring airtight insulation and weather resistance.

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