Alu Plus
Doorwin Alu Plus Collection

R7 Integral Welding
Aluminum Window System

01 / R7 Integral Welding Aluminum

The Rounded Corner Design To Protect You.

Integral Welding / 02

We adopt the automobile manufacturing to shape whole Windows And Doors By Laser Welding.

03 / Integrated Sealing Sealant

EPDM Integrated welding Sealing Strip.

Whole Frame 32K Point / 04

Strong penetration welding technology + Each Corner Key 8K To achieve the frames and sashes inpenetrable The overall strength is more than 3 times than traditional corner crimp and pin bolt corner crimp.

05 / Full Cavity Insulation Filler

Refrigerator grade insulation and energy saving mute cotton
Compared with ordinary Windows and doors, the insulation, silence and energy saving can be improved more than 30%, and greatly increase the overall strength and wind resistance of Windows and doors.

360 Degree Powder Coating / 06

The whole painting We built two Swiss Golden Horse whole window painting production lines with a total length of Just to make an acme and beautiful windows and doors.

07 / Patented Drip Differential Pressure Backstop Drainer

Wind-proof / Rain-proof
Insect-resist / Howling resist
Prevent air exchange convection from indoors and outdoors.

Invisible Glazing Bead Design / 08

Integrated welding Molding is to make our Windows and Doors with Excellent Performance and Ultimate Beautiful Looking.

More Beautiful!

Free Design From Expression Of Feeling Use Our Professional Technology To Makeyour House


Tilt & Turn Window

UP TO 31% · Energy Savings on your heating and cooling bills

* Integrating with the top grade hardware from Europe, the maximum bear loading has been increased to 170kg sash.

* The standard 35mm glass thickness can fit for various glazing such as triple glazing and louver glass.


Entry Door

UP TO 31% · Energy Savings on your heating and cooling bills

* To ensure the security, A series doors apply the multi-point locking system which possesses the top class of anti-burglar function in Europe.

* A series doors have diverse designs such as single panel, double panels and exit door, etc. Equipping with intelligent system, it can not only be used as the entance door in apartments or hotels, but also can be applied in public buildings.

Lift Sliding Door


* The load bearing capacity is up to 400kg per panel, which will satisfy the demand for larger opening space, and offer superior visual enjoyment.

* Any arrangements of opening ways are available for products less than 6 panels, which meets the needs of custom design.

Multi-Panels Bi-Fold Door

The luxury of indoor/outdoor living

* Configuring two to eight panels, it can create an opening up to 21’ wide by 8’ high. That’s large enough to extend the interior right out into the garden or the veranda, or to connect with another room.