People spend more time indoors now than ever before. We believe our indoor spaces should help us connect to each other and to the world around us. We believe in spaces where we can recharge and escape, places that make us feel healthy, safe, and secure. That’s why we interviewed thousands of homeowners and industry professionals,These conversations and research have led us to develop new-to-the-world products designed to support happier, healthier living.



DOORWIN’s Intelligent Window which can tunable lighting mimics the ideal color temperature of natural light to provide the right light at the right time.

The electric sun shading system can realize five major protections: shading, heat insulation, thermal insulation, anti-theft, and privacy. Unique motor system, no wiring, that is easy to install. Electric leaf vertical lift, flexible operation, can stay in any position, and can also achieve remote control.



A fine design comes from the highly integrated intelligence, we have designed gas and smoke sensor modules, which adopts professional /high-quality heating sensors, when gas or smoke triggers the alarm, it’ll automatically send window opening signal.
This is a CO sensor module, which can calculate the concentration of CO in the air. When the CO concentration is greater than 50PPM, the alarm is triggered, doors and windows will open automatically.
This is an O2 sensor module, according to the principle of the electrochemical gas sensor, When the O2 content in the air is less than 18%, an alarm will be triggered, and ventilation will be started automatically.The smog sensor module, when the air PM2.5≥200μg/m3 , doors & windows will close automatically, and a signal will be sent to the fresh air system. Of course, DEFANDOR also has temperature, humidity module and alarm modules, which are integrated in the DEFANDOR control center(D-Centre). As they were, the integral intensity determines the intelligence height.

Modern design creates lightness and openness in the spaces you use every day. It’s why we designed our Doorwin Modern line to the exacting principles of modern architecture. Modern windows and doors feature wide-spanning views that connect you to the outdoors and provide a consistent precision in your home that’s truly modern.

A fine design, always practice subtraction. Every reduced line will add unimaginable difficulty technically.

For instance of a wall turning into a window, what components can brace its elegant kinetic line. Such as a door up to one ton, how to operate quietly, stably, and continuously several decades.

A fine design needs powerful technical support, we discard the conventional industrial process. With integral corner, connect with mechanical corner joint process, introduce high-speed train laser seamless welding technology, to ensure that the seam never cracks.

And maximize the toughness of doors and windows, we have redefined the design concept of profiles. By using refrigerator door foaming technology, fill the cavity wholly, just for a quieter and more insulated effect.

We have developed over 95% of hardware components independently, to ensure such oversized, overweight and minimalist doors and windows can operate safely, smoothly and silently.

The entire series are equipped with child-lock, reduce unnecessary injuries caused by wrong operation. Concealed intelligent anti-pinch sensor module, immediately stop the window if its frame is touched, thus providing more protection for your family.

A fine design, comes from its internal and external cultivation, this is a separate rainfall sensor module, using inductive sensing mode to detect the rainfall, when rain drops fall on the sensor surface, it will output signal and the command is executed to close the window.

The dog mode, when a danger comes near the window, the searchlight bar will emit a high-intensity flash, and transmit signals to you and your property company, while completing the warning instantly, protect your life and property.