Doorwin's Full-Glazed Casement Window is a creation that resonates with every homeowner, especially those who value the integration of aesthetics and functionality in their living space. This innovative design understands the importance of individual personal taste and practical needs in creating a comfortable space. This is in alignment with the contemporary homeowner, who values design elements that both serve a purpose and create an atmosphere. Living spaces are more than just four walls, it's a canvas that reflects one's personality, style and values, and with this stunt window, homeowners get the freedom to paint their canvas just how they like it.

Prominently featuring a full-glazed panel on the exterior sides, this window creates a sense of seamless transition between interior spaces and the outdoors. This stunning design emphasis not only adheres to the essence of a modern minimalist aesthetic but also caters to the contemporary homeowner's wish for uninterrupted views and ample natural light.

Doorwin Full-Glazed Casement Window

What sets our Full-Glazed Casement Window apart is its innovative sash profile, which is structurally bonded to a triple-glass panel. This global patent exclusively boldly abandons the conventional glass beads system, opting instead for the superior strength of high-performance sealant to affix the glass unit directly to the sash. This innovative approach reduces the visible width of the window frame, creating a pure transparency, minimalist aesthetic unparalleled in the market.

The benefits are not merely in appearance but also in the structural enhancements it provides. The firm bonding between glass unit and sash ensures increased robustness, significantly elevating window safety. This makes our windows an ideal candidate for high-rise applications or areas prone to extreme weather conditions, where window integrity is paramount.

Furthermore, this innovative design allows for a larger area of our high-energy-efficient glass units, increasing the window's overall thermal performance. This expanded glass space is not only visually pleasing but also directly contributes to significant energy savings by enhancing heat retention during winters and reducing heat ingress in summers.

When it comes to performance, this casement window exceeds expectations. With an air permeability level reaching E1200, wind resistance level C5, and the ability to withstand a powerful pressure of 2000Pa, Doorwin has ensured that this window matches its stunning looks with formidable efficiency. The sound isolation performance reached 40dB. All those statistics further pass the common windows in the market.

In early 2024, Doorwin showcased the original prototype of this casement window at the International Builders' Show (IBS). The strategic design presented a visually stunning and structurally superior product unlike anything else on the market, courtesy of an increased area of high-performing glass units, that resonated deeply with builders and architects alike. It's not hyperbole to say that Doorwin’s full-glazed window was the belle of the ball at IBS. Our creation captivated and inspired, marking a moment where we didn’t just showcase a product; we showcased a revolution.

Why wait for those eager to experience this blend of elegance and functionality? It’s time to welcome the future of windows into your homes. Contact us right now - here's to letting the light in, in style!

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