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In the area where our project at, destructive hurricanes impacted the islands and caused a lot of damage in 2017, since then, developers are in urgent need of rebuilding and repairs with top-quality hurricane-resistance windows and doors.

This modern villa group comprises many heavy-duty lift and slide doors which are the perfect continuation of the open floor plan.
In this project, we provide four panels of lift & slide doors. The doors feature a beautiful solid oak wood interior and extruded aluminum exterior cladding. With a super large door panel to perfect view, fitted with Heavy-Duty German Origin made the multi-point locks hardware for excellent security and lifetime use. From the European design and European standards, the doors exceed CE standards of security, strength, and thermal and acoustic performance. Lift & slide doors invite more light into the house and they are modern.

Durable and high-performance alu-clad wood profile which is treated specially to withstand the tropical marine climate. Doorwin has the highest hurricane resistance rating for heavy-duty glazed windows and doors, and all tested certificates and energy efficiency certifications are under Florida building codes and standards.

With our own expertise, we provided the no-cost design development and contract documentation with CAD & BIM drawings, including elevation, details about the project, and installation help.

Before production, we will provide accurate sample drawings, which will clearly show the cross-sectional pattern, size, opening method and direction, pattern of the warm spacer, and the installation nodes. We will not go into production until you have signed off on the drawing to ensure that you receive a final product that meets the exact requirements of your project.

Feel free to contact us any time about your ideas

Feel free to contact us any time about your ideas

Lift & Slide Doors provide an unobstructed view and add a great amount of light to your home. It makes the walls become doors! In other words, Lift & Slide Doors replace the wall and become part of your home. We apply four panels with two fixed panels on each side and two moveable panels in the middle. Thus, it adds a great amount of natural light and modern elements to the home.

The possibilities in this system allow for energy efficiency, magnificent size, effortless operation, and security. The lift & slide door is designed with an energy-efficient solid wood framework with exterior aluminum cladding, available in double or triple-glazing options. With sealing locking actions, it brings an impressively energy-efficient performance.

The lift & slide door system separates the sliding and sealing from the locking actions, allowing the door to virtually hover over the frame. On opening, the unique bogie design lifts the sash off the frame, the gears engage and the door slides with ease. On closing, the door panel lowers and the weather seals are enhanced by the weight of the sash. The lift & slide doors feature high capacity sash size allowing for frames of up to 20 meters (66 ft) wide by 3.3 meters (11 ft) high, weight 400kgs(880lbs) per sash.

To achieve the entire harmony, we make the color of warm edge spacers the same as the color of aluminum.

Sliding Door with High-Performance Integral Blinds

Doorwin built-in shutter technology comprises an aluminum frame with integrated blinds sealed between insulated glasses. They ensure maximum energy efficiency by giving you precise manual or electronic control over the heat and sunlight entering the room. * Doorwin built-in shutter dramatically reduces HVAC costs and allows for easy adjustment of sunlight and heat entering the room. And it prevents UV rays from damaging interior decorations.

Blinds sealed between the glass panels of the door offer a maintenance-free option to control the amount of light and let in with less worry about damaging the blinds over time. Blinds can be tilted, raised, and lowered for maximum control.

Feel free to contact us any time about your ideas

Doorwin Customized Design

Doorwin is known for its customized design. Over 250 RAL colors are available for us to make for the exterior color. For the doors, we make the warm edge spacer the same color as the aluminum color to achieve the entire harmony.

Solid wood is perfect for windows and other furniture. It makes you an energy-efficient home and lets you feel close to nature at home. Among various wood species, oak is one of the most commonly used wood. We carefully select beautiful oak wood from USA or Canada.

About Doorwin Packing & Shipping System

Doorwin's professional packing system guarantees all products are delivered safely and without any damage. We apply a four-point packing system. Firstly, adhesive plastic film is applied on interior wood frames and exterior aluminum frames to avoid scratches on the surface. Then, a paper board is applied after we apply air bubble film surrounding the whole windows/ doors to avoid any destruction or clash. Lastly, we place them into a durable non-fumigation plywood crate to avoid any possible damage during transportation.

With years of experience shipping our products worldwide, we could guarantee to ship our products to their final destinations intact and without any damage.

About Doorwin Factories

Doorwin is one of the most professional window & door manufacturers are known for its great customized products. In Doorwin, a variety of colors, styles, and sizes of products are available to meet the client’s unique requirements. We own three ISO9000-certified modern factories in China. With a factory area of 20,000 m2 and a production capacity of 100,000 m2 per year. Doorwin Group has the scale to ensure timely delivery and the flexibility to reduce manufacturing lead times to as short as 18 days.

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Not only did we have a great time at the show, but in the next two months, our experts will be traveling throughout the United States to do site visits and full technical guidance service for our customers. If you were not able to attend the show but are still interested in our products, feel free to contact us and our experts will still be able to provide on-site services. There are more special offers waiting for you, so come and contact us!

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