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This project is located in Austin, Texas, the phrase I of this project totally has 42 units buildings for apartment and one for clubhouse with a total area of 2550.59 sqm. During the construction, Doorwin team had the opportunity to work with architects and contractors to choose the most suitable windows and large opening doors for this community. Using Doorwin’s Architect Series thermal break aluminum windows and doors for its custom-designed windows featuring an interior white frame and exterior black frame.

When looking for a window and patio door supplier, the architect and contractors wanted to find products that were available in large opening sizes and particular colors and styles. In addition to having high-performing products, the architect and contractors needed a partner who could help manage the details of the multi-phase project.

Based on the client’s requirements and Doorwin’s design solution, Doorwin’s top quality thermal break aluminum windows are fit well for this type of complex. All the materials used are selected to ensure providing the client with the high grade products. Such as high energy-saving TGI warm edge spacer, invisible hidden hinges for minimalism which makes the window more aesthetic, German origin brand ROTO/SIEGINIA hardware, safety latches to avoid falling-down, tempered safety glass complies with international standards and durable extruded aluminum nail fin makes the installation much easier and convenient.

They determined Doorwin’s Architect Series thermal break aluminum series windows and doors would be the perfect option after they received our sample window. With relentless strength and long-lasting durability, and innovative technics, contractors were sure that they need us throughout the project.

Sleek, innovative modern apartments featuring Doorwin’s top-quality aluminum windows that create a nice look and feel while providing superior functionality. In the color option, the architect chose black and white, two colors respectively on the exterior and interior sides, to give the building complex a modern vibe.

Hardware & Accessories

For the Hardware System, Doorwin uses Siegenia multi-point locks, hinges, and handles from Germany. With top burglar-resistant, the handles come with a long backplate in solid aluminum. The cylinder is practically inaccessible and the long backplate is almost impossible to remove. And the high-quality components, each is capable of sustaining 400lbs for high security and longevity. The friction stay is tested for more than 400,000 cycles, to put this in perspective, a window that is opened and closed 10 times a day should last at least 100 years before failure.

The multi-point locks system also provides better sealing and contributes to the insulation performance of the whole building. Together with Technoform Bautec’s insulation edge bond and sealant strips, these make up the top insulation and energy-saving performance of our products. 

Windows made up a significant percentage of the tall building’s facade, so water, thermal and structural performance standards were much more stringent than typical commercial projects. All the materials used are selected to ensure providing the client with high-grade products: Such as a high energy-saving TGI warm edge spacer (the world's top brand - Technoform Bautec warm edge strip) which will greatly improve the overall thermal insulation performance of your windows.

Tempered safety glass complies with international standards to face all kinds of extreme weather or safety issues. Furthermore, doors and windows of this type frequently rely on multiple panes glazing for structural stability. In other words, common products in the market with thinner aluminum may not provide the strength required owning to their smaller proportion of frames. In this project, we applied a thermal break aluminum lift and slide door with double panes and Low-E glazing to meet the requirements of the clubhouse's large opening entrance and the energy efficiency capacity.

Doorwin's lift and slide doors, featuring the world's top hardware brands - Maco, and Siegenia, offer the ultimate solution for large and heavy sliding sash doors. The possibilities in this system allow energy efficiency, magnificent size, effortless operation, and security.

When it comes to commercial tasks, it's not just your project on the line-- it's your credibility and also a financial investment, also. That's why we're devoted to being a companion you can rely upon and your resource for solutions. With a variety of home windows as well as doors in timber, fiberglass, and also plastic, there are several options to satisfy your high-performance criteria. Whether you require setup capacities for your education, healthcare, workplace, multi-family, or friendliness tasks, there's a choice that will certainly fulfill your one-of-a-kind needs.

Doorwin is one of China’s leading window and door manufacturers with 3 wholly-owned manufacturing plants across China. Thousands of completed projects across both residential and commercial sectors and thousands of satisfied customers spread all over the world show that Doorwin is competent for large-scale projects. Take a look at one of our completed projects in Austin, Texas of U.S. below.

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03 / Packaging and delivery

After completing the production, the products are professionally packed based on our decades of experience shipping our products worldwide. We can handle freight and customs clearance through our shipping partner and can provide door-to-door service if desired.

04 / Regular Technical Support on Jobsite.

After the products are received. Doorwin can provide regular technical support on the job site if the client required it.

Doorwin’s products feature a full 10-year warranty. Doorwin provides the client with the products at China factory price and no “middle man” fee produced as all the products are manufactured in our 3 wholly own factories across China. Doorwin will be your right land for any inquiries on windows or doors.

Feel free to contact us any time about your ideas

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