Why choose us ?

Doorwin Group Embodies a Design-centered Focus to Push the Boundaries of Performance, Reliability, Durability and Aesthetics, While Maintaining Value.

Our Design and Engineering Philosophies are Centered on Selecting Materials, Components and Technology that Deliver Great, Quantifiable Results at Excellent Price Points. The Value We Provide is Unmatched by Leveraging Our Position as a Manufacturer to Sell Products Directly to Our Customers, Eliminating Traditional Distributor and Retail Markups. Our Products to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by Maximizing Performance While Minimizing Failures and Promoting Ease-of-Servicing.

By Eliminating The “Middleman” That Doorwin Windows and Doors are Inspired By How People Live. Doorwin Respects Your Vision and Offers True Freedom. Manufacture Based on Your Design or Utilize Our Talented Staff of Inhouse Designers to Create You Perfect Products, At No Additional Cost.

Product Drawing Design

We Supply Shop Drawings With Every Detail for the Customer's Approval, and Offer Better Solutions or Proposals if Needed.

Thoughtful Details

We are committed to design that is as functional and intuitive as it is beautiful. Crafted with exceptional skill, our products deliver quality you can see, touch, and feel, beauty that brings joy, and performance that stands the test of time.

Professional Packaging

We are Very Experienced on How to Pack and Protect Our Products to Ensure them to Arrive at the Job Sites in Good Condition After Long Distance Transportation.What the Client Concerns,We Concern Most.

Technical Support

We Will Supply all Necessary Technical Information, Installation Instruction and Guidance for Trouble Shooting.
And We are Able to Supply On-site Technical Support in 39 Cities of North America Within 48 Hours.

Door To Door Service

We are Working with Some Very Professional Shipping Companies Who are Able to Arrange the Shipment, and Deliver the Goods to the Job Sites Safely ,as Well as Clear the Goods From the Customs.

50+ product
testing certifications

Accreditation and Certificate

Testing in Accordance to NFRC/AAMA/WDMA/NAMI /CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-11(NAFS 2011- North American Fenestration Standard/Specifications for Windows, Doors and Skylights.)