In the case of this project is for the prime minister of Afghanistan, we very much value this opportunity to make a good impression on a new market. The idea was to turn a four-floor existing building of the 60s into a highly energy-efficient villa with a strong character through the use of modern architectural elements.


All the fenestration systems were made with Doorwin’s exclusive oak wood cladding with thermal break aluminum profiles and high-performance Low-E glass. This well-crafted bespoke set enhances the distinctive look of this house. Every window’s placement and shape and material add to the uniqueness of the whole building and make it safer and more functional for the owners.

The tilt and turn window can both tilt inwards at the top or open inwards from hinges at the side. This is the most typical kind of window in Germany, its native land. It is likewise widespread in many other European nations. In Europe, it is typical for these to be of the "turn first" kind. i.e., when the handle is counted on 90 levels the window opens up in the side-hung mode. With the handle transformed to 180 levels, the window opens in the bottom open mode.


Wood windows own natural wood grain, a beautiful look, and excellent insulation, and it adds a natural feeling to a home, which any other window material cannot compare. As for energy efficiency, a wood window is no doubt ranked at the top, it will save you a lot of money on energy bills in a long term. Wood windows perform much better than aluminum, and vinyl windows.


But one of the shortcomings of wood windows and doors is that they are easily damaged with time, and the cost of maintenance is a big sum of money. Doorwin's Wood+ series alu-clad wood systems have been designed and engineered to ensure the lowest maintenance required and low cost in use over the full life cycle. This makes them the best choice for social housing projects, and new or refurbished council housing stock, where quality is essential for life cycle costing. Even more so in privately financed leased-back projects.


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Hardware & Accessories  

For windows and doors, hardware is as important as the engine is to the car. The continuous technological innovation of the European hardware industry has strongly promoted the performance improvement and functional innovation of windows and doors. Now we cooperate with top standard German and Belgium-made hardware brands like Sobinco and Roto who mastered the key technology of windows and doors’ components, the core power of windows and doors. New hardware establishes new functions, so we can bring you the most cutting-edge fenestration systems.


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Doorwin Free Design Assistance

Doorwin provided the most professional plan and a meaningful design with an ideal price to meet all our client’s highly customized demands. With our own expertise, we provide no-cost design development & contract documentation with CAD & BIM drawings, including elevation & details & installation design.

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September 26, 2022 — DOORWINGROUP

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