Perfect Style Blending of Curtain Wall
and Pivot Door

a Residential in Canada

Project Showcase

In Oakville, Canada, this residence stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of innovation and contemporary living. What sets this project apart is the bold integration of curtain walls, a feature traditionally associated with commercial architecture. Here, the use of curtain walls isn't merely a commercial choice; it's a commitment to elevating residential design standards.

In an era where grand living room designs dominate architectural trends, the decision to incorporate curtain walls into residential exteriors marks a departure from convention. Recognizing the allure of abundant natural light and the desire for minimalist aesthetics, homeowners are increasingly turning to curtain walls to redefine the character of their living spaces. This architectural shift signals a progressive approach to modern home design, where the boundaries between commercial and residential aesthetics blur.

At the heart of this project lies a commitment to higher standards, where Doorwin's curtain walls not only meet but exceed expectations. The residence becomes a canvas for architectural expression, showcasing how the marriage of form and function can redefine the very essence of contemporary living. As sunlight dances through the expansive glass panes, and clean lines define the facade, this project emerges as a northern greenland—an embodiment of the evolving preferences in residential architecture. Welcome to a space where every detail is curated to transcend the ordinary, setting a new standard for sophisticated living.

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Energy Efficiency Redefined Curtain Wall

In the northern reaches of Canada, where the relentless chill of winter and the demand for energy-efficient living converge, this project emerges not just as a residence but as a testament to mindful design. Here, the discourse extends beyond aesthetics, delving into the pivotal question of energy efficiency—a critical concern for homeowners grappling with extreme weather conditions.

In response to this concern, Doorwin's curtain wall system steps into the spotlight, addressing the question of whether such modern architectural elements can uphold energy performance akin to conventional walls. The resounding answer: an affirmative yes. Doorwin seamlessly integrates form and function, ensuring that the curtain walls not only elevate the visual appeal but also serve as stalwart guardians of energy efficiency.

For those dwelling in northern climes, the stakes are high, transcending mere electricity bills to encompass the very essence of living conditions. Doorwin rises to the challenge by offering premium glazing units featuring super-thick triple-pane laminated glass adorned with Low-E coating and Argon gas infusion. This configuration transforms these architectural elements into powerhouses of insulation, rivaling the efficiency of traditional concrete walls.

The numbers tell a compelling story: a remarkable U-factor as low as 0.21, a feat that surpasses industry standards set by organizations like NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association). As the curtain walls embrace the home, they not only usher in natural light but also redefine what it means to create living spaces that are at once visually striking and environmentally responsible.

Modern Pivot Door with Curtain Wall Façade

Pivot doors’ hinges are mounted on the top and bottom side of the door, instead of on the side wall. Contemporary pivot doors do not rotate on an extension of the vertical axis but a pivot hinge system. The pivot hinge system is mortised inside the top and bottom of the door. Both are invisible on the finished door. These pivot hinges are placed at any desired position in the door. This determines the location of the vertical axis – the spindle – on which the door pivots.

The chosen pivot door, a testament to modern technology and timeless craftsmanship, is hewn from solid mahogany wood—an embodiment of luxury and durability. The material, carefully selected for its inherent strength and captivating grain patterns, transforms the entry into a focal point of artistic expression.

The door features a German-imported Dormakaba pivot system, known for its smooth operation and reliability. The commercial-grade system can smoothly operate sashes weighing up to 1200 lbs, ensuring easy use of this large format door for decades to come.

And they’re also come up with operate-friendly functionalities:

Beyond its functional prowess, the modern pivot door serves as a design element that defies expectations. The crisp lines, the warmth of mahogany, and the innovative pivot mechanism collectively contribute to a contemporary aesthetic that resonates with the spirit of the times. It's not merely an entry; it's a declaration—a testament to Doorwin's commitment to infusing modern properties with elements that transcend trends and become timeless signatures of architectural brilliance.

Doorwin pivot doors deviate from the measurements of regular doors. Our pivot doors can simply be much larger. They allow for higher but also wider doors than traditional hinged doors. Pivot doors can easily carry much larger weights which it disposes of through the floor. In Doorwin, we adopted world-famous Dormakaba pivot hinges, our pivot door can be a maximum piece of 50 square feet and weigh up to 1200 lbs.

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