Doorwin's Exquisite Eco-Haven in
Montreal Quebec

Project Showase

Welcome to our project showcase in the heart of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This vibrant city, known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture, sets the stage for our exceptional residential project. Situated amidst the charming streets of Montreal, this house stands as a testament to our commitment to combining traditional aesthetics with modern technology.

As you approach this remarkable residence, you'll be captivated by its traditional charm and architectural elegance. The house, a quintessential Canadian bungalow with hipped roofs, showcases the timeless beauty that is deeply ingrained in the fabric of this historic city. But don't be fooled by its classic appearance, for behind these traditional elements lies a range of cutting-edge features.

Montreal's distinct four-season climate poses unique challenges for homeowners. From the frigid winters to the hot and humid summers, it is crucial to have windows and doors that can withstand these extreme conditions while maintaining optimal energy efficiency. Our products rise to the occasion, offering unparalleled performance and functionality.

At the heart of our exceptional windows and doors lies a dedication to superior performance and energy efficiency. For this project in Montreal, Quebec, we have equipped each window and door with state-of-the-art features that ensure optimal insulation and comfort, even in the face of the city's demanding climate.

Premium Simulated Hung WIndows-Tilt & Turn Window

Our innovative Simulated Hung Windows, a seamless fusion of timeless aesthetics and modern functionality. These windows effortlessly combine the classic charm of hung windows with the versatility and performance of tilt and turn windows. Designed to enhance the beauty and efficiency of your home, they offer the best of both worlds.

At first glance, our Simulated Hung Windows appear as traditional hung windows, exuding a sense of elegance and sophistication. The upper section features fixed windows, reminiscent of the iconic design, while the lower section operates as tilt and turn windows, allowing for easy ventilation and effortless cleaning. This unique combination offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of both window styles in a single, harmonious unit.

The GBG grilles between the glass not only add a touch of timeless elegance but also provide ease of maintenance and do not compromise the insulation properties of the windows and doors. Furthermore, our clients have the freedom to choose from a range of German-imported hardware systems, allowing them to personalize the style and functionality of their doors to suit their specific preferences.

But it's not just their striking appearance that sets our Simulated Hung Windows apart. These windows are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, especially in cold climates like Montreal, Quebec, Canada. With triple-pane tempered glass, argon gas filling, and warm edge spacers, they provide superior thermal insulation, effectively combating heat loss and reducing energy consumption. Achieving an impressive U-factor of 0.22, these windows exceed industry standards, keeping your home cozy and energy-efficient even in harsh winter conditions.

Furthermore, our Simulated Hung Windows are designed for ease of use and long-lasting durability. Equipped with German-imported hardware, they ensure smooth and reliable operation, allowing you to effortlessly control airflow and ventilation. The advanced locking mechanisms provide enhanced security, giving you peace of mind knowing that your home is well-protected.

Experience the perfect marriage of classic elegance and modern performance with our Simulated Hung Windows. Discover how these exceptional windows elevate the aesthetics and functionality of this remarkable residential project in Montreal. Step into a world of beauty, comfort, and efficiency as we unveil the extraordinary features and benefits of our windows, tailored to meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations.

Custom French Doors

Then our exquisite French door, a testament to the seamless blend of elegance, energy efficiency, and customizable design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these doors elevate the beauty of any home while delivering exceptional performance.

Our French doors are crafted using the finest materials, including triple-pane tempered glass with argon gas filling. This innovative glass technology enhances thermal insulation, ensuring that your home remains cozy and energy-efficient in the face of extreme weather conditions. our French doors provide outstanding heat retention and contribute to a more sustainable living environment.

But it's not just the superior insulation that makes our French doors exceptional. The warm edge spacers, expertly manufactured by Technoform, minimize heat transfer and contribute to the overall energy efficiency of the doors. By reducing energy loss, these doors help you maintain a comfortable indoor climate while saving on heating and cooling costs.

At Doorwin, we understand that your home is a reflection of your unique taste and personality. That's why we offer tailor-made solutions that combine exceptional craftsmanship, energy efficiency, and design versatility. Whether you seek a classic, traditional look or a more contemporary aesthetic, our French doors are designed to meet and exceed your expectations.


Our client, a reputable contractor overseeing the project, was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional quality of Doorwin's windows and doors. As a seasoned professional in the industry, he had high expectations, but Doorwin's products surpassed them by far. The craftsmanship, precision, and overall performance of the windows and doors exceeded anything he had encountered before.

Why Doorwin

Full Certifications

To further demonstrate our commitment to quality and performance, all our products are certified by renowned organizations such as the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). These certifications validate our dedication to providing windows and doors that meet strict performance criteria, ensuring that you receive only the best for your home.

In this region known for its long and harsh winters, our windows and doors excel in providing superior thermal insulation. The combination of advanced glazing technology and insulated frames ensures minimal heat loss and maximum energy efficiency. They create a barrier against the biting cold, keeping the interior warm and comfortable, while reducing energy consumption and lowering utility costs at least 600 US dollars per year.

Top-Quality German Hardware

We are committed to providing the highest quality products and ensuring the utmost security and longevity for your windows and doors. That's why we have partnered with renowned German hardware manufacturers to bring you the finest hardware systems in the industry. Our German-imported hardware systems are meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional performance, durability, and security. With precision craftsmanship and innovative design, they enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your windows and doors, while providing peace of mind.

One standout feature of our hardware systems is the multi-point locks, which offer superior security and weather resistance. These locks engage at multiple points along the frame, creating a secure and tight seal that helps prevent forced entry and enhances energy efficiency. With our multi-point locks, you can rest assured that your home is well-protected.

To ensure your complete satisfaction and confidence in our products, we offer a comprehensive 10-year warranty on all our hardware. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, providing you with added peace of mind and demonstrating our commitment to delivering products of the highest quality and longevity.

Custom Design Options

Our windows and doors, also adorned with retro grilles, seamlessly blend the old-world charm with modern technology. These meticulously crafted grilles add a touch of nostalgia and sophistication, elevating the aesthetic appeal of the house. However, the true marvel lies in their exceptional performance in the face of the cold climate that envelops Montreal.

At Doorwin, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring your unique vision to life. We understand that every home is different, and that's why we offer an extensive range of custom design options to suit your specific needs and preferences. Our commitment to customization extends beyond just the appearance of our windows and doors. We believe that every detail matters, which is why we offer bespoke solutions for shape, configuration, hardware, locks, materials, and more. Whether you desire a particular architectural style, a specific size or shape, or a distinctive hardware design, our team of experts is here to bring your ideas to fruition.

With Doorwin, you have the freedom to personalize every aspect of your windows and doors. Whether you're seeking a unique grille pattern, a specific glass type, or a one-of-a-kind hardware finish, we have the expertise and flexibility to accommodate your requests. Our team of design professionals will work closely with you to understand your vision, provide expert guidance, and bring your dream design to life.

Embrace the perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and modern technology with our remarkable windows and doors. They not only enhance the architectural beauty of your home but also provide a haven of comfort, energy efficiency, and peace of mind.

From classic to contemporary, we have the expertise and resources to create custom fenestration solutions that seamlessly integrate with your home's design aesthetic. Our skilled craftsmen utilize advanced manufacturing techniques and premium materials to ensure that every custom-made product meets our stringent quality standards.

5 Layers Packaging

Doorwin's professional packing system guarantees all products are delivered safely and without any damage. We apply a four-point packing system. Firstly, adhesive plastic film is applied on interior wood frames and exterior aluminum frames to avoid scratches on the surface. Then, a paper board is applied after we apply air bubble film surrounding the whole windows/ doors to avoid any destruction or clash. Lastly, we place them into a durable non-fumigation plywood crate to avoid any possible damage during transportation.
With years of experience shipping our products worldwide, we could guarantee to ship our products to their final destinations intact and without any damage.

With our five-layer packing system, we prioritize the protection of your windows and doors, giving you peace of mind throughout the delivery process. We understand the importance of delivering our products in pristine condition, and our packaging methods are tailored to ensure that your order arrives safe and sound, ready to be installed and enjoyed.

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Thank you for taking the time to explore our exceptional range of windows and doors showcased in various projects. If you're inspired by what you've seen and would like to learn more or discuss your specific requirements, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is ready to assist you with any inquiries, provide personalized guidance, and offer detailed quotations tailored to your project. Experience the Doorwin difference and discover how our high-quality products, outstanding service, and commitment to customer satisfaction can elevate your next residential or commercial venture. Contact us today and let us bring your vision to life.


Not only did we have a great time at the show, but in the next two months, our experts will be traveling throughout the United States to do site visits and full technical guidance service for our customers. If you were not able to attend the show but are still interested in our products, feel free to contact us and our experts will still be able to provide on-site services. There are more offers waiting for you, so come and contact us!