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Richly endowed and full of culture - Baton Rouge City, Louisiana

In Baton Rouge City, Louisiana, Doorwin came across a stunning villa, and our professional team installed it with "bright eyes." Considering the local climatic conditions, we recommend the 70 series windows and doors with excellent air tightness and sound insulation performance, and provide all doors and windows including hinged doors, fixed windows, and outswing casement windows, in addition to the indoor glass guardrails are also a highlight of the project.

Many customers who live in large houses may have this question, if you want to make the home look neat and clean, have a sense of hierarchy and organization, and at the same time ensure safety, installing glass guardrails is a good choice, but out of the cost, whether it is procurement costs or installation costs, more people tend to purchase overseas, at the same time, the question is, does the glass guardrail purchased overseas meet our local installation requirements? Is there an installation guide to refer to? Can the safety of glass guardrails be guaranteed? And so on such doubts.

Answer questions with the following example:

Many Chinese door and window manufacturers for overseas customers with glass guardrail purchase needs usually recommend them to buy in the local market, one is out of the difficulty of packaging, and if the customer is only an individual buyer, there is no theoretical knowledge related to doors and windows, it is very difficult to describe the specific size requirements for the glass guardrail, which may cause a long time of production and transportation, after arriving at the customer's home and the actual installation size is not suitable, which will undoubtedly cause everyone to be disappointed. Therefore, most manufacturers will avoid this tricky requirement and sell more mature doors and windows.

But this is not Doorwin's choice, we know enough about the North American market, our professional team in January this year, the field of customer visits on all continents of the United States, the United States housing structure and construction requirements are well understood, so for customers who want to buy glass guardrails, we can also provide you with the most professional protection and support.

This time, the DOORWIN team was working with an individual buyer from LA Baton Rouge, who undertook his entire residential project, providing him with all the doors and windows including glass guardrails. Baton Ruba is a unique large city in the southern state of Louisiana, most of the state is located on the alluvial plain and delta of the Mississippi River,is a culturally rich city. we accepted his door and window purchase commission, tailor-made for his residence the most suitable for the local climate conditions and his home decoration style of doors, windows and glass guardrails, as a highlight of this order, we will tell you in detail about its high quality and adaptability.

Railings are a very important consideration when building a house. When it comes to installing outdoor or indoor railings, there are plenty of options on the market. Considering the needs and preferences of customers for simple and fashionable style, we recommend the all-glass guardrail with black protective cover, the glass is harmoniously decorated with the surrounding environment, and the guests who visit are very elegant.

Clear view:

Clear glass railings provide a clear view of the surroundings, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. At the same time, it provides you with an unlimited sense of space, and the railings composed of glass give people more sense of space and freshness. Desirable for small homes, high glass railings make the house look bigger.


Using glass as a railing is a safe installation whether indoor or outdoor, because we choose 12mm tempered glass, making it up to 5 times stronger than regular glass,when the glass is damaged by external forces, the fragments will form honeycomb-like obtuse angle crushed small particles, which are not easy to cause serious harm to the human body. It's also resistant to scratches and can handle significant impacts without breaking or shattering. In fact, glass fencing is often used in commercial applications such as hotels, resorts, and shopping centers because of its durability and strength.


You can customize glass colors, to give a sense of space and openness, but still guarantee your privacy. The choice of color should also make the railing match the rest of the household equipment in the room. The glass railing is also convenient for users to customize its design and shape at a reasonable cost, and people can freely choose clear glass or frosted glass guardrails according to his understanding of beauty. At the same time, its maintenance cost is also very low, and the maintenance process of tempered glass is simple and cheap. In addition to daily glass cleaning, dirt and stains can be easily washed simply using soapy water.

Ease of Installation

Installing our glass railing system is incredibly easy and straightforward. Our team of experts will provide you with all the necessary information and guidance needed for a smooth and seamless installation process.

Our glass railing system is designed to be modular, meaning that each component can be easily assembled and disassembled. This makes the installation process quick and efficient, while still ensuring a high level of durability and strength.

Safest Delivery

As a leading exporter of windows and doors to the U.S., we are well aware of the potential risks involved during transportation. Improper packaging can result in damaged goods upon arrival, leading to delays and additional costs. To ensure the safe delivery of your products, we take meticulous care in packaging each window individually with five layers of protection. The windows are then placed into sturdy, non-fumigated wooden boxes with additional shockproof measures taken during transportation.

We prioritize the concerns of our clients and take great pride in our ability to deliver your products in the same condition they were in when they left our facility. With years of experience in packaging and transportation, we are confident in our ability to provide the safest delivery possible.

Glass guardrails provide sophisticated elegance to your home/shop with low maintenance costs.

What else do we offer?

We also supplied quality hinged doors,
fixed windows and outswing casement windows for this project:

About Doorwin Alu 70s:

As a professional door and window export company, Doorwin attaches great importance to the completion of a project, doors and windows are not high consumables, our doors and windows are promised to be ten years warranty, so we are committed to providing customers with the best cost-effective products, while taking into account all the factors that may affect the use of doors and windows. Baton Rouge City has hot and humid summers and mild winters, while rainfall is abundant throughout the year. Such climatic conditions mean that our windows and doors need to guarantee very good water and air tightness to withstand high precipitation and high temperatures. Therefore, under comprehensive consideration, we recommend customers to choose the most popular DOORWIN70 series, as one of the most popular series, its high adaptability has won the choice and praise of customers all over the world.

Our 70 Series configurations can be adapted to most regions of the world, protecting our customers' homes and shops. The profile is made of thermal break aluminum. We use PA66 Nylon of thermal insulation materal to break the structure of aluminum alloy, for reduce the transmit of the heat. it has the advantages of strong enough, high melting point, and good heat insulation.

Then the molecular sieve spacer, generally the most commonly used aluminum alloy material, its insulation effect is poor. And We could provide a better choice: warm edge spacers, made of aluminum or aluminum alloy material cavity, used to fill desiccant, inside of the spacer is desiccant. It can keep dry of the cavity, enhance the heat insulation performance of the window.

Also the weather striping EPDM of windows and doors could promise the airtightness of our window, ageing resistance.sound insulation,heat insulation performance are all excellent. The glass part we used are tempered glass, and both certified by the IGCC, SGCC. Which is very necessary for the north American customers. Also we paint LOW-E film on the glass, have the low ability to absorb the outside energy, then it will release less heat energy.

These are some of the basic configurations of our 70 series, if you want to know more or want to strengthen the energy efficiency of doors and Windows, we can provide you with professional services, welcome to contact us at any time or leave your information!

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We understand that maintaining your railing is important, and we're happy to say that glass railing maintenance is surprisingly easy. Our glass railing system is constructed with solid and durable materials, meaning there is little to no structural maintenance required. Compared to cable railing systems that may need cable tightening every now and then, our glass railing system is truly hassle-free.

To maintain the glass panels themselves, occasional cleaning with a soft cloth and a mild cleaning solution, such as soap and water, is sufficient. For areas near the coast, where salt spray may accumulate, customers can also use a hose to rinse the panels down. To prevent build-up and marks, protective solutions, such as RainX, can be applied to the glass.

You want your glass railing to look great for years to come, which is why we offer solutions to help prevent any type of build up or marks. Similar to a car windshield, certain glass protective solutions can be used to maintain the look of your glass railing.

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