Our Story

Doorwin Group is a major Chinese manufacturer, supplying high-performance aluminum windows, timber windows and alu-clad timber windows for large- and small-scale residential and commercial housing projects all over the world. These products are highly sought for energy efficiency, longevity and low maintenance. Our products are manufactured in 3 wholly owned manufacturing plants across China, large state-of-the-art factories, sufficient to supply the largest projects, whilst remaining competitive.

China’s manufacturing industry has grown to be a global manufacturing central axis that has rewritten the global landscape with its own strength. Now not only we do lead the world trend in crafting but also focus on design and aesthetics. Now I can proudly tell you that we can offer top-quality products but at one-third of the price of local merchants in Europe and America.

Modern Minimalism Ultra-Slim Frames

Elevate any space by creating an instant sense of luxury. A combination of future aesthetics and the latest technology. Doorwin’s Modern Minimalsim series products are 35% slimmer than regular products, coupled with the flush-in design. The best Frames and glazing ratio can give you infinite ways to design your house.

Details Beyond Your Imagination

Aerospace-grade aluminum with thermal break Belgium-designed hardware & hidden hinges Invisible threshold

Belgium-Origin Sobinco™
Hardware System

The continuous technological innovation of the European hardware industry has strongly promoted the performance improvement and functional innovation of windows and doors.

Polyester Powder Coating

250 more RAL colors Anti-corrosion Environmental-friendly

Feel free to contact us any time about your ideas

This showcase is a modern villa located in Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI. The whole fenestration system of this residential was provided by Doorwin. The exterior slimline lift & slide doors, interior sliding doors, and tilt & turn windows. Doorwin’s products showcasing the perfect mix of modern aesthetics and traditional sophistication, and the opening systems in this home are absolutely breathtaking. Creating larger-than-life expanses, our high-end Belgium Sobinco™ hardware systems made this project stand out from the rest.

1.Higher Strength for Slimline Products

In the area where our project at, destructive hurricanes impacted the islands often. The slimline products commonly seen on the market are not strong enough to achieve durability and water tightness in extreme weather. Doorwin can achieve the highest strength while still maintaining the aesthetic value of the product, due to our top-quality thermal break aluminum and Belgium-made Sobinco’s hardware system.

2.Higher Energy-Efficiency

With US standards and NFRC certifications, Doorwin’s Modern Minimalism Series slimline products feature double or triple panes glasses, warm-edge spacers, argon gas fill, Low-E coatings, and fully tempered glass as standard options, not only provide the best energy-efficiency but also safety and durability in extreme weather conditions. The entire villa will save $100-$300 per month on its electricity bill because of the perfect energy-saving capabilities of our products.

3.Extra Free Design Assistance

We provided the most professional plan and a meaningful design with an ideal price to meet all our client’s highly customized demands. With our own expertise, we provide no-cost design development & contract documentation with CAD & BIM drawings, including elevation & details & installation design. Working closely with the architect of this project, we were able to infuse elements of function and style into every project. The way the natural light is displayed by our slimline products makes it a true work of art.

Many people have asked similar questions -- what makes Doorwin attractive? That is a common and essential question. Well, for a construction professional like you, what you worry about are mostly 4 types —— Easy installation, maintenance free, manufacturing time, and overall cost.

1. Easy Installation —— Save your money on the installation costs

Firstly, is easy installation. We have several international patents to reduce clients’ labor costs, such as our unique flanges and assembly type tubular design. It helps to easily install the windows. You cannot easily find the nailing flange in other companies, which is what sets us apart from our Chinese counterparts is that all our products are equipped with nail fin structures for quick and easy installation. Labor costs during installation may exceed the window and door prices, therefore, the longer the project takes, it means you are losing money. We help our customer make the work done in a shorter time. In this way, we save more money for them.

2.Maintenance Free —— Guarantee the durability of products for 25 years.

Secondly is easy to repair. Our company have been providing quality windows and doors to the USA for years, our customers are satisfied with our window quality and performance, they get back to us with testimonials and they are glad to re command us to new buyers. We provide the top-quality profile and fully tempered glass, top quality hardware of Germany origin made brand. In our opinion, quality means never having to compromise. Our research and development team made sure that you still get unrivaled thermal insulation, high performance, and top-quality hardware on the 10 YEARS WARRANTY. The TPS glazing ensures that no air leakage and fogging issues on (IGU) products for 25 YEARS WARRANTY.

3.Minimum Manufacturing Time—— With high-productivity factories, we save your time on delivery

Thirdly is about the manufacturing time. It’s common hesitation when you buy windows from a foreign company. I would like to send you pictures and videos to have a look at our factories. We can finalize the production in about 18 days and shipping to you cost 30 days if it’s an urgent project. In about 45 days you will receive your windows. We are taking the same manufacturing daytime as you buy locally.

Our products are manufactured in 3 wholly owned manufacturing plants across China, a large state of the factories, sufficient to supply the largest projects, whilst remaining competitive. Over 100,000㎡ factory area with 500,000㎡ /year production capacity, so that means we can make the fastest possible production and fastest delivery of our products to meet clients’ time demands.

4. Save Overall Cost —— Factory-to-home direct sales,1/3 of the price among your local dealers in the EU & USA

Fourthly is cost. The most concerning problem is cost. We offer transparent pricing for our customers. The price we offer is the price you will pay after the final purchasing decision, with no additional or extra cost. You can compare our prices with local manufacturers.

The above four types are the general concern when you buy windows and doors in China. Surely in reality there are more than four. What Doorwin offers is top quality products with excellent performance, affordable cost, and trying to save potential cost. We are very happy and look forward to a long-term partnership with you, as with our other partners in the US, where our service and strength in window and door expertise can help our partners save more time and money.

Not only did we have a great time at the show, but in the next two months, our experts will be traveling throughout the United States to do site visits and full technical guidance service for our customers. If you were not able to attend the show but are still interested in our products, feel free to contact us and our experts will still be able to provide on-site services. There are more special offers waiting for you, so come and contact us!

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