Aluminium clad wood windows & doors combine the best features of wood and aluminium into our premium system. The combination of superior craftsmanship, thermal performance and long-term durability make aluminium clad windows & doors  ideal for luxury homes, passive houses and modern architectural projects. With a solid wood frame clad in aluminium on the outside, our products deliver the beauty and cosy look inside that only wood frames can. A wide assortment of woods, glazing and colour options mean you can customise them to meet your exact aesthetic, energy and security needs.


Whichever you choose, our wooden windows will be naturally appealing and ture to your home’s architectural design.

Polyester powder coated avalible in a range of 250 RAL colors on exterior.

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Highlights of Alu-clad Wood Windows & Doors

Anyone building or renovating a home is familiar with the difficult decisions and trade offs involved and the choice of window materials is no exception. UPVC is the most affordable and aluminium is the toughest while both require little maintenance. Wood offers unparalleled beauty and maybe best heat & sound insulation but requires regular upkeep you may prefer to avoid. Luckily, it doesn't have to be an either-or decision. 

Aluminium clad woods are the perfect solution. They combine timber frames on the inside with a protective metal shell on the outside to achieve the benefits of both with none of the disadvantages. They offer:

  • Superior thermal & acoustic insulation performance
  • Strong weather resistance with minimal maintainence 
  • Long life & durability security
  • Unmatchable elegance in a modern way

While the price of common uPVC windows often seems too attractive to pass up compared to higher end models as these, alu-clad wood are a classic case of buy once, cry once. Spread over multiple decades, our aluminium clad wood systems will still be saving you energy costs, upkeep costs and replacement costs well into the future making them excellent an value for money when compared to inexpensive windows that will last half the time and never stop costing you.


Doorwin's projects

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  NZ project with alu-clad wood tilt turn windows
CA project for wooden house


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Superior Thermal Insulation with Alu-clad Systems

Solid wood is one of the best insulating materials for windows and front doors. Alu-clad wood systems thus save heating costs thanks to their wooden cores, while the exterior aluminum shells protect the profiles from humidity and damages.

In order to prevent the aluminum shell from influencing the insulating properties of the wood core, both components are assembled without direct contact with each another. This helps to retain proper vapour diffusion attributes without negatively impacting the natural thermal insulation typically provided by timber windows.

We also have the triple pane glazing option for more extreme situations. 

Choosing a front door with glazed surfaces provides more natural light and better views. However, even with a smaller glass size compared to alu-clad windows, the choice of glazing is still important in terms of both security and energy efficiency.

Triple glazing with low Ug-values combined with non-conductive warm edge spacers represent the best combination for thermal performance. Additionally, the gaps between each pane can be filled with argon, a noble gas which is less conductive than normal air.


The Appearance & Aesthetics of Aluclad Windows

Aluclad wood combine the most beneficial elements of both materials - this is also true as regards the aesthetics. The powder-coated outer aluminium shell can be coloured using any of the various weather-resistant lacquers from the RAL colour range. This helps create a modern look and ensures that all aluclad timber windows can be perfectly matched with your existing facade.

The various types of wood available, meanwhile, do not only affect thermal insulation, they also help individualise the aesthetics on the inside of your home.

What's more, we provide full custom made service which include special shape frames,  various grille styles and art glass color options.

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About The Project

Nestled within a rural context, located in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, this magnificent residence distinguishes itself for the care and refinement of details down to the smallest feature.

There are functional tilt & turn windows and lift & slide doors, opening majestically towards yards and sharing spaces, freeing up the internal and external environments, creating a unique area mixed up with contemporary and historic features.