These days, your choice of door hardware not only reflects the style of your home but also the quality of your taste. Hardware can be one of the most important things to consider when choosing doors and windows for your home.

For the inexperienced customers, the hardware is an essential part of any window because it's what allows it to operate the functions it was created to. When the time comes to replace your doors and windows, you’ll no doubt take into account the current trends and available styles and colors as well as the energy efficiency of the products you’re looking at. However, people often look down on this key aspect: hardware.

That said, hardware is a key component of the equation. Not only its important role in keeping your home safe, but also the aspect of your aesthetic taste.


We look at hardware from the placement of intending to view as little of it as feasible.

The last few years have actually seen an exponential increase in the need for the retail section of building systems that are visual as well as minimalistic in style. Currently, numerous popular projects are trying to find such systems as a default offering in their tasks. In the present competitive market, the most unique item design proposals are essential to attract attention among the group as well as to be ahead of the race to draw in as well as dominate the marketplace.

In the case of aluminum systems, as the profiles reduced in size and are becoming more slimmer, the technical challenge lies in hardware design which will be able to deliver the required functionality and suit required aesthetic concepts.

This trend name is “minimalism concept”, where the outlook of the openings, mullion profiles appear as a slimmer line on large size of the glazed openings. This is a call for the complete revision of conventional hardware designs and concepts and finds a proper solution for the new architectural trends in the market.

Doorwin’s modern minimalism series collaborate with Top Belgian hardware brand Sobinco to provide the best quality hardware for windows and doors.

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Sobinco has an extremely large test department where tests are carried out continuously, such as cyclical and strength tests. Likewise, break-in tests, corrosion-resistance tests, and air, wind and water tests are also performed internally, meeting the most recent European and specific countries quality standards.

Innovative design & higher technology on minimalist hardware system

1、Regarding the handles

 Design for innovative handles is also a very challenging area as it has to be “minimal” in size, sturdy and also at the same time to be compatible with the locking system used.

 The Sobinco handles and finger pulls are manufactured from carefully selected, high quality materials. All handles can be polyester powder coated in more than 450 RAL colors. Most handles can be anodized in various shades. All handles for doors, sliding doors and lift slide doors are available without a cylinder opening. Therefore, there is a lot of scope in designing a unitized locking mechanism that will offer the flexibility to design and use a wide range of customized handles.


Sobinco has developed a range of exclusive handles and finger pulls in which the sleek design of the Edge handle can be used for any type of element. The handles and finger pulls for windows, doors and sliding doors ensure a uniform look, suitable for modern-day architecture.


2、Regarding the concealed parts

 “Minimalism concept” also could be expanded to: Concealed hinges, friction stays, parallel hinges & concealed tilt turn hardware – They are in demand nowadays as well. The concept is realized by “hiding” normally visible, catching the eye, hardware parts inside the perimeter gap between frame and shutter making the glazed opening outlook clear and neat. 

First of all, smaller size wheels need smaller size bearings. Small size bearings with high load capacity are costly. Price effective solution leads to an increment of the wheel’s quantity in one assembling unit. Instead of 2 wheels for conventional 120-160 Kg shutter weight “heavy-duty” rollers, now we have to use 3 or even 4 wheels in one unit to achieve a capacity of above 200 Kgs.

Secondly, the smoothness of the free sliding movement needs a bigger diameter of the wheels. Since the wheels are small, to achieve smooth movement it is necessary to use polished stainless-steel rails instead of aluminum, and stainless-steel wheels instead of plastic as an option. For frame-track embedded roller designs, selecting the right type of wheel is crucial for performance and also for economics. Therefore, for the frame-track embedded rollers, the best solution is to use stainless steel bearings.

 Sobinco’s concealed hinges with adjustable friction device
provide a maximum opening angle of 105°
Considering the quantity of the bearings in one frame, it is not a money-saving solution. But the main concern is corrosion resistance and durability. By the way, this type of sliding rollers allows raising load capacity of one track incredibly. But the price and performance here is critical and depends on customer choice.


3、Regarding the locking system

Locking solutions are very customized as the aluminum system designs are very much driven by different shapes and aesthetic concepts. Opportunities prevail for designing locking solutions for shutter side locking, perimeter locking, locking on interlock for sliding and embedded sill locking. There are challenges to provide locking solutions in a very tight space provided in the small size aluminum profiles.


In some cases, the solution is to adopt profiles design to existed hardware parts and sometimes there is a need to develop new products to fit with aluminum profiles requirements.

Doorwin's minimalism series products with the latest Sobinco’s Edge Security handles and finger pulls which are burglar-resistant. The handles come with a long backplate in solid aluminum, as a result of which the cylinder is practically inaccessible and the long backplate is almost impossible to remove. The SKG Institute has awarded two stars to the Edge Security outside handles. These handles are fitted with invisible fixing holes.


Hardware has lots of potential of innovation in design and technology to be done in the above areas to improve our life quality to achieve a better future. 
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About The Project

Nestled within a rural context, located in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, this magnificent residence distinguishes itself for the care and refinement of details down to the smallest feature.

There are functional tilt & turn windows and lift & slide doors, opening majestically towards yards and sharing spaces, freeing up the internal and external environments, creating a unique area mixed up with contemporary and historic features.