Shaker Style Horizontal Plank Bypass Barn Door by Doorwin

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Product Description

This beautiful Horizontal Plank Barn Door looks amazing in raw pine,It·s popular because of its simple structure and style.The Barn Door can be used at any location in the home. and it can decorate you house.

Product name
Shaker Style Horizontal Plank Bypass Barn Door
Door material
Accessory material
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The barn door origin of Europe and America,it is use for barn in farm at beginning.Because of practical and beautiful widely used in home improvement.The main function of barn door is space partition,it can use for bedroom 、sitting room、bathroom、study、cloakroom、kitchen、and all the unsealed space,and decorate your room. 


The panel is stitching with pine.pine have natural color、texture clear、good thermal conductivity and long service life characters.And there are more than 10 kinds of wood you can choose.we will try our best to satisfy you.

About color

There are more colors to choose and we have a professional design team,we can design the color and style according to your room style and the color of wall.

About paint

The environmentally friendly wood wax apparatus and water paint we use ,the paint does`t contain formaldehyde,and it smells pure and fresh.three layers of paint processing ensures the products`surface have no parties,no bubbles and no flow marks.


1.Requirement for the walls

a.The barn door is completely depend on the tensile force of the upper rail,so the bearing capacity of the wall above door opening is very important.

b.The door can be directly on the wall which is made of red bricks,hollow bricks or concrete cast-in-situ.If the wall is made of bubble bricks or something non-bearing,a piece of wood board is needed to add on the wall.
Beverage bottle, cosmetic bottle, medicine bottle, jar etc

2.Installation steps

a. Find studs and determine where track is to stop.

b.Drill holes in track and pilot holes in studs.

c.Attach track to the wall and stop to the track.

d.Drill holes and mount hangers on the door

e.Hang door and install door guide