Grille design frosted glass frame round window by Doorwin

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Grille design frosted glass frame round window

Our energy efficient integrated glazing units (IGU) feature triple-pane glass, warm-edge spacers, argon gas fill, Low-E coatings and fully tempered glass. Different IGUs are available to meet the needs of different climates.

For all windows and doors exported to North America, we provide fully heat-treated, tempered glass as standard. This provides extreme impact resistance to prevent glass breakage, reducing warranty claims. When broken, tempered glass uniformly shatters into small pieces for safety. Our standard glazing for the North American market is SGCC (Safety Glazing Certification Council and IGCC (Insulating Glass Certification Council) certified for performance and safety.

Grille design frosted glass frame round window Grille design frosted glass frame round window Grille design frosted glass frame round window Grille design frosted glass frame round window

Speciality shape widnows, Top hung aluminuum window, tilt-turn widnow.

Product Detail

Profile Top quality thermal-break aluminum
Glazing 5mm+12Ar+5mm Low-E Toughened Glass, Triple Glazing is Available
Glazing Gasket Top Quality EPDM
Sealing System Interior&Exterior Double Sealing System
Measurements Customer Made
Hardware Germany Origin Brand
Application Residential, Commercial Buildings, Villas
Packing No Fumigation Plywood Wood Crate(Avoid Damage in Transport)
Product Keywords grille design,frosted glass,frame round window

This window conbines top hung window, tilt-turn window and speality shape window. It allow for different ventilation to suit the customers' need. Its top quality and peformance come from our great raw meterials imported from the world and excellent production of technology.

Many new customers might still worry about quality when they buy first time from a new company, that's just normal. We hear a lot about it. In this case, we would like to send you a free sample for quality and performance test.

Doorwin is positioned to offer the finest value in quality tilt-turn windows. We seek to make durable, energy efficient and beautiful products accessible to all budgets. We strive to provide the best customer service experience with a dedicated design and engineering team for custom projects and a talented sales team that responds quickly to inquiries. We back up our products with a 10 year warranty for your peace of mind. Contact a Doorwin sales representative to experience what sets us apart from the rest.

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Company Information

Grille design frosted glass frame round window

DOORWIN GROUP is a major Chinese manufacturer, supplying high performance timber windows, alu-clad timber windows and timber doors for large- and small-scale residential and commercial housing projects in China. These products are highly sought for energy efficiency, longevity and low maintenance.
Our products are manufactured in 3 wholly owned manufacturing plants across China, large state of the art factories, sufficient to supply the largest projects, whilst remaining competitive.


Grille design frosted glass frame round window

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