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Heavy-Duty Aluminum Bi-Fold Door For Patio

As the door transitions from a closed position, the first panel gently swings out, inviting natural light and a soft breeze to grace the interior. The adjoining panels follow in a cascading motion, each one connected by robust hinges that epitomize durable craftsmanship.

Every panel moves smoothly along a track system, which is designed to support the weight of the high-strength aluminum effortlessly. When fully open, the door tucks away neatly, stacking compactly to the side, opening up your space to the environment outside. Your indoor living area extends seamlessly onto the patio or garden, creating an expansive area for entertainment or relaxation without the barrier of traditional door frames.

Conversely, when closed, the door presents a sleek façade virtually impenetrable to the elements. Superior sealing technology ensures that when the door is closed, it forms a tight barrier, protecting against weather and noise. The flush bolts—discreet yet robust—lock each panel securely, creating a solid, unitary wall that stands as a testament to both security and elegance. Optional ADA-compliant sills allow for a smoother transition between spaces, catering to a wide range of accessibility needs.

Quintessential solution for ultra-large openings

Our bifold doors shine as the quintessential solution for ultra-large openings, redefining the scope and functionality of expansive spaces. Boasting the capability to accommodate up to 18 door panels, we seamlessly bridge the gap between the indoors and outdoors with an impressive span of up to 50 feet in length and 10 feet in height.

This remarkable capacity allows for an unparalleled panoramic view and an abundance of natural light to flood into your space, creating a visually stunning and inviting environment. The expansive design is perfect for luxurious homes, elegant resorts, or any setting that desires to make a bold architectural statement.

Whether connecting a grand living room to a lavish outdoor patio or providing an unobstructed view of a serene landscape, our bifold doors ensure that no vision is too vast to be realized. With our doors, walls become movable art pieces, transforming spaces into open, fluid areas that encourage interaction with the environment and foster an unbroken connection with nature.

Thermally Broken Aluminum Profiles:

Our windows are crafted with thermally broken aluminum profiles, ensuring optimal energy efficiency while maintaining structural strength.

Bespoke Grilles

Doorwin Bespoke Grilles Between the Glass (GBG) option masterfully blends the timeless allure of divided lites with contemporary ease. The grille is beautifully encased within the glass panes, presenting a sleek, flat surface that is simple to clean and maintain. Forget about the laborious cleaning of traditional grilles; with GBG, a swift wipe is all that's needed, giving you more time to enjoy the view and less time on upkeep.

Seals and Weatherstripping:

our Crank Casement Windows provide superior insulation, helping to prevent drafts and reduce energy loss.

High-End American CMECH Hardware:

This state-of-the-art hardware series features pry-resistant aluminum hinges and robust load-bearing rollers to ensure each folding motion is easy-operated, reliable, and secure. The innovative designs by CMECH enable an unobstructed and substantial opening, which creates a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors, extending your living space and inviting in ample natural light.

Project Showcase

This project is located in Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI. It is a private villa by the sea. The project area of ​​the property is about 1.5 acres. The villa was designed in the style of a modern beach house with an emphasis on comfort and convenience.

In all large opening solutions, bifold patio doors provide a great amount of light and the best unobstructed view of your home. Suitable for many different typologies, having the greatest advantage of corner opening without any column. This unique feature ensures maximum transparency and easy opening. Another practical feature is that one leaf can act as an opening door without interrupting the other folding leaves.

DOORWIN W+ 86/E80 Tilt Turn Windows


Maximum Air Exchange

Allows Micro Ventilation, Saves More Space



The Easy Way To Compare
Energy Efficiency.

If you’d like a quick, accurate way to compare the energy efficiency of windows and doors,just look for the national fenestration rating council (NFRC) information.

Germany Henkel Glue
High Strength Waterproof Wood Glue



Less Than 30% Of The Essence Of Each Log
Is Selected By Doowin

Whichever you choose,
Our wooden windows will be naturally appealing and ture to
your home’s architectural design.

Aluminum Clad Wood Window


Aluminum Clad Timber Windows Have an Extruded Aluminium Exterior,
Which Can Be Powder / Fluorocarbon / Anodised / Woodgrain Coated With Industrial Strength Paint
For Superior Resistance To Fading and Flaking.


Ergonomic Design

Excellent Anti-Theft Performance RC2


No Scratches / Flaking / Fading

Three Times of Primer Coating and Two Times of Finishing Coating
More Healthy And Environmental Protection


High Energy-Efficiency

No Air Leakage / No Fogging / More Silent / High Pressure Resistance

LOW-E Technology Can Helps Homes Stay
Cooler In The Summer And Warmer In The Winter.


Technoform Bautec’s TGI-Spacer M – Our warm-edge spacer technology minimizes thermal bridging and has one of the lowest failure rates in the industry.


Fully Tempered Glass


180% Better Sound Insulation Effect


Roll Out Of Sight When Not In Use

Improve Your View And Let In More Light And Fresh Air With
Your Choice Of Innovative Screens.

Hydraulic Damping System-make The Rebound Rate More Uniform


Anti - Corrosion, Insect - Proof, Keep Wood Physical Properties More Stable

After Wood Finger Connection And Profile Painting, Microwave Treatment Technology Should Be Adopted To Effectively Remove Residual Organic Matter Such As Sugar And Starch Inside Wood, Improve Water Content State, Solve The Problems Of Anti-corrosion And Insect Prevention From The Inside Of Wood, And Keep The Physical Properties Of Wood More Stable.


5 Layers Packaging Guarantee No Breakage

1 Adhesive Protective Film

2 Buffer Bubble Film

3 Hardboard

4 Stretchable Plastic Wrap

5 Non-Fumigation Plywood-Crate

10 Labels Provied Clear Instructions Save Installation Time

Front And Back, Up And Down
Will Not Install Reversely

Provide Installation Guidance

Successfully Passed The
Verification Of The Inspector

Rapid Product Positioning

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