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Automatic door 48 inches exterior doors Automatic door 48 inches exterior doors Automatic door 48 inches exterior doors Automatic door 48 inches exterior doors Automatic door 48 inches exterior doors

Doowin Lift & Slide Door, Featuring Hardware Maco or Siegenia, Offers the Ultimate Solution For Large and Heavy Sliding Sashes.


The possibilities in this system allow energy efficiency, magnificent size, effortless operation,

and security. The lift & slide door was designed with energy efficient solid wood framework

with exterior aluminium cladding , available in double or triple glazing options, with sealing

locking actions, bring an impressively energy efficient performance.

The lifti & slide door system separates the sliding and sealing from the locking actions,

allowing the door to virtually hover over the frame.

On opening, the unique bogie design lifts the sash off the frame, the gears engage and

the door slides with ease.

On closing, the door panel lowers and the weather seals are enhanced by the weight of

the sash. The lift & slide doors feature high capacity sash size allowing for frames of up to

20 meters(66 ft) wide by 3.3 meters(11 ft) high, weight 400kgs(880lbs) per sash.

We just finished these beautifully designed wood-alu lift & slide doors, were for our Missouri, USA

Client. with Super Large door panel to perfect view, Fitted with Heavy-Duty German Origin Made

hardware for Life-Time Use. And it featured a transom top. From the European design and European

standards, the doors exceed CE standards of security, strength, thermal and acoustic performance.

Company Information

DOORWIN GROUP is a major Chinese manufacturer, supplying high performance timber windows, alu-clad timber windows and timber doors for large- and small-scale residential and commercial housing projects in China. These products are highly sought for energy efficiency, longevity and low maintenance.
Our products are manufactured in 3 wholly owned manufacturing plants across China, large state of the art factories, sufficient to supply the largest projects, whilst remaining competitive.

Automatic door 48 inches exterior doors

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