Coastal living is beautiful and serene until the storms hit. When you live by the water, you need to know that your windows and doors will stand up to the challenge of coastal conditions. We offer windows and doors specifically designed for the extreme conditions and construction requirements of coastal zones.

Doorwin impact-rated windows and doors are designed to protect your home from the elements. They are rigorously tested by third-party agencies to meet the most stringent coastal codes. Our impact products protect against flying debris, driving rain, cyclic pressure, powerful UV rays, and extreme temperatures. Durable and long-lasting.

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Impact Glass

Impact resistant glass is designed to protect your home against damage caused by hurricane force winds. Impact resistant glass generally consists of two laminated glass layers with an interlayer that helps stop flying debris. Even if the glass shatters in place, the laminated layers preserve the overall structural integrity of the window.


Doorwin coastal hardware features durable, corrosion resistant metals, and finishes that are formulated to stand up to high humidity, salt spray, and the intense UV rays from the sun.


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This Modern Villa is located in Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) in Caribbean where feature a tropical savannah climate. In 2017, the destructive hurricanes impacted the islands and caused a lot of damage. Since then, very good quality impact-rated windows and doors are in urgent need for the rebuilding and repairs.

The windows and doors that we supplied are tested according to Florida building codes and standards. They are reinforced with impact glass, also known as laminated glass which have an exceptionally strong polymer layer located between two panes of glass providing reinforcement and holding the glass together even if it shatters. It can help protect the property and families from the devastating effects of hurricane-force winds.

Doorwin Costal Windows and Doors are constructed with impact resistant glass and also designed to have heavy-duty frames, to keep this glass in place. Whether this is to stop burglars, whipping winds, or debris from natural disasters like hurricanes, our windows and doors reduce the chances that the glass will get broken from the storm, which means you will be a lot more protected.


In Accordance To U.S Building Code High Performance Aluminum Windows From German Technology

DOORWIN’S Ultimate Solution For Lift & Slide Door System

We just finished these beautifully designed aluminum lift & slide doors, Were for our Caribbean Sea client, Fitted with Heavy-Duty Germany Origin Made Hardware FOR life-Time Use. This Luxury Villa is located in Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), on the canal in the prestigious gated community of Leeward Settlement! The Villa offers guests a small boutique resort feeling and is perfect for large groups, family gatherings, weddings and special occasions. The Villa boasts a large commercial kitchen, full bar, 7 bedrooms, and fitness studio. The outdoor living space includes a pool, hot tub, 2 firepits and plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy the view of the canal!

European Design, European Standards

Exceeds CE standards for security, strength, thermal and acoustic performance. Beautifully designed, Minimal obstruction of views. Multi-use functionality.

We are very honored to supply our Costal Windows and Doors, to be one of the most featured elements of the Villa. It includes 17 sets of Heavy-duty Lift & Slide Doors with multi-track and all sliding panels that slide and stack on one side for big and unobstructed view; One of the sliders is over 26’ wide with 8 panels. It also includes 37 sets of European style Tilt & Turn windows which have two different operations, fully in-swing for maximum air exchange and tilt-in for ventilation. The windows also feature with arched top and built-in blinds.

Before and After Installation

There are hurricanes hit Turks and Caicos Islands from 1 June to 30 November, usually occur at end of August to mid-September. So it is very important to have impact-rated windows and doors. All the windows and doors we supplied to TCI are with hurricane resistant glass and Heavy-duty frames, which could withstand blunt force from the flying debris and reduce the chances that the glass will get broken from the storm.

Windows By Typs

Doorwin coastal windows combines a beautiful aesthetic, design flexibility, and a rigorous impact performance to help fulfill even the most ambitious visions for coastal homes and storefronts.


Thermal Break Aluminum
Tilt Turn Window


Thermal Break Aluminum
Picture (Fix) Window


Thermal Break Aluminum
Crank Out Casement Window

Doors By Typs

Coastal windows and doors are available in expansive sizes allowing you to leverage stunning panoramic views. And if your home is ever threatened by a severe storm or hurricane, you can rest easy knowing that even your largest Coastline window or door will provide unsurpassed protection. Available in select southeast coastal regions, our products meet the stringent Miami-Dade County and state of Florida code requirements.


Thermal Break Aluminum Lift Sliding Door

Coastline Ultra Larfge Opening Solutions

Doorwin Coastline Lift Sliding Door ——The extruded all aluminum frames and impact-resistant glass are engineered to withstand high winds and flying debris generated by severe storms and hurricanes. Designed and manufactured in Florida, Doorwin Coastline Lift Sliding Doors are available in select southeast coastal regions.

Windows and Doors Specifically Designed For the Extreme Weather Conditions