The Windows and doors are For C ALIFORNIA. USA Client


· Exterior aluminum clad, anti-corrosion, rain proof, and moisture-proof

· Solid wood interior, can match with decorations very well.

· Extreme weatherproof

· High-performance thermal-insulation

· High-performance soundproofing

· Hollow glass molecular sieve Polyamide Strips

In Accordance With U.S. Building Code

High Performance Alu-clad Wood Windows From German Technology

One of Doorwin’s projects of Tilt Turn Windows is located in Torrance City, California, USA. This project is a personal villa. We are proud to tell you more about it. The main window type is thermal break aluminum windows with teak wood interior cladding, featuring tilt turn opening. Thus it remains the beauty of wood and great energy efficiency, low maintenance, easy finishing of thermal break aluminum profiles. Double glazing fully tempered glass is our standard option to meet the need of performance.

Moreover, with our seamlessly welding joint technique, our windows have improved aesthetics and harmony. Not many companies can make it. To perfectly match the aluminum profiles, the spacer between the glazing is powder coated to the same color as the aluminum’s color. After a detailed discussion with the customers, we changed it to the same color as the aluminum instead often traditional spacers. That’s what Doorwin means by providing customized service.

Teak Wood Profiles

After we go through the plan drawing with the client, we decide to recommend him the teak-clad thermal break aluminum windows with tilt turn opening, based on the client's preference and our design experience. Tilt turn window is a popular window type in Europe, but it’s not common in America. The tilt turn window features dual functions through the orientation of the handle. When it turns 90 degrees, it’s a casement. When it turns 180 degrees, it’s a top opening hopper. Tilt turn window combines the advantages of casement and hopper. We strongly recommend it to our clients.

Feel Good About Life

In addition to improving the overall atmosphere, let the whole style of the house more close to nature, so that people can be relaxed, put down the fast pace to enjoy life. We are aiming at creating larger window openings to bring natural light into interior space and make the connection to the outside area.

The Customer’s Feedback

After receiving the windows, the client is very happy and compliments that ”They are really a surprise to see the changes, couldn't believe the windows and doors you made bring such good vibes and comfort feeling out there.”

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