This project located in San Diego, CA, is a private hill house, the owner had the goal to give a modern flair with white and classic accents along with increased energy efficiency. We found the perfect door option for several patio openings which is leaning toward sliding glass doors. Doorwin sliding systems are precisely engineered to allow for oversized glass panes and ultra-smooth handling. Our systems combine robust aluminum frames, quality components, and impeccable craftsmanship. We have strict quality control measures throughout the fabrication and installation processes so that this system can withstand any weather conditions.

The sliding door allows the large doorway next to the study to open without taking up any interior area, and fills the room with sunlight, allowing people to have a good mood when working or studying at home.

The presence of the large sliding door makes the arrangement in the hall more flexible, and the panoramic glass wall makes the interior and exterior become one, making the whole house more versatile, whether it is for your own living or for a party.

Sliding glass doors are a wonderful addition to any home because of its many design, aesthetic, and practical advantages. People all around the world love sliding glass doors. At first, the sliding patio glass door was introduced as a significant element of pre-war international style architecture in Europe and North America. Their predecessor is traditional Japanese architecture's sliding Shōji and Fusuma panel door. The post-war building boom in modernist and Mid-century modern styles, and on to suburban ranch-style tract houses, multi-unit housing, and hotel-motel chains has made them a standard element in residential and hospitality building construction in many regions and countries.

As for the current modern sliding patio door, it consists of multiple large glass panels that provide panoramic views and sunlight. With rather narrow frames. This configuration allows you to gaze at your backyard and surrounding landscape without even leaving your home. The perfect combination of framing and glass also captures views so nicely. Aside from framing a panoramic view, sliding glass patio doors complement most contemporary home styles.

For construct consideration, one of the most obvious benefits of sliding doors is their space-saving properties. Where hinged doors require space in which to swing open, sliding doors operate sideways. The side-to-side operation also allows for the creation of a wider access way, which can come in handy when moving large items from room to room during moving or renovating. Whole wall partitions between rooms using sliding doors give you the option of creating two smaller, intimate spaces or one large one – ideal when entertaining.

Doorwin Sliding Patio Door’s Highlights

01 / German Imported Hardware Systems

For windows and doors, hardware is as important as the engine is to the car. The continuous technological innovation of the European hardware industry has strongly promoted the performance improvement and functional innovation of windows and doors. Doorwin uses Siegenia™ multi-point locks, hinges, and handles, all this mechanical system is from Germany.

This system separates the sliding and sealing from the locking actions, allowing the door to virtually hover over the frame. On opening, the unique bogie design lifts the sash off the frame, the gears engage and the door slides with ease. On closing, the door panel lowers and the weather seals are enhanced by the weight of the sash. The lift & slide doors feature high-capacity sash size allowing for frames of up to 20 meters (66 ft) wide by 3.3 meters (11 ft) high, weight 400kgs(880lbs) per sash.

02 / Energy Efficiency Certifications

With US standards and NFRC certifications, our energy-efficient integrated glazing units are double or triple, Low-E, argon gas glazing systems for superior thermal and sound insulation. Coupled with the Technoform Bautec™ sealant strip, our products are the finest for air permeability, water tightness, wind resistance, thermal conductivity, and noise reduction.

We use high-quality thermal break aluminum profiles. Finest extruded aluminum profiles with a thickness of 1.4 mm to provide excellent durability and strength. With a polyamide bar (Polyamide 66, or Nylon 66) PA66 is applied in the middle of aluminum profiles to break or insulate the heat and cold. Thermal breaks have decreased aluminum frame U-factors (heat loss rate) from roughly 2.0 to about 1.0 Btu/hr-sq. ft-°F. In hot climates. Our thermal break aluminum is more than 1.4 mm in thickness, Doorwin’s exclusive thermal break aluminum profiles perform much better than standard aluminum in both insulation and strength.

03 / Custom Design & Colors

Doorwin respects your visions and offers true freedom in design. We manufacture products based on your ideas and needs, every part including special shapes, hardware styles, and color choices.

Before production, we will provide accurate sample drawings, which will clearly show the cross-sectional pattern, size, opening method and direction, pattern of the warm spacer, and the installation nodes. We will not go into production until you have signed off on the drawing to ensure that you receive a final product that meets the exact requirements of your project. To meet any décor and atmosphere, we are able to provide polyester powder coating tech to a range of 250 RAL colors, with the extra metallic polish finish and matte finish as options.

04 / Glass Configuration and benefits of art glass windows

The following are the options we can offer for frosted and coated glass. These styles can be selected at will according to your needs and aesthetic differences:

05 / Assembly Tube Installation

Doorwin has developed a new patented technology that allows for quick installation of the window sash and frame or adjacent window frames without having to separate the glass and sash, then the glass doesn’t have to be removed from the window frame during transportation.

This technology makes the installation more efficient and the quality of the doors and windows more stable after transportation, making the whole process of transportation and installation much less costly.

06 / Packaging and Delivery

We export tens of millions of dollars of windows and doors to the U.S. every year, and we know that improper packaging can cause breakage of the product when it arrives on site, and the biggest loss from this is, I'm afraid, the cost of time, after all, workers on site have requirements of working time and it needs to wait for a new shipment to arrive in case of damage occurs to the goods. So, we pack each window individually and in four layers, and finally into (non-fumigated) wooden boxes, and at the same time, there will be a lot of shockproof measures in the container, to protect your products. We are very experienced in how to pack and protect our products to ensure they arrive at the sites in good condition after long-distance transportation. What the client concerns, we concern most.

Not only did we have a great time at the show, but in the next two months, our experts will be traveling throughout the United States to do site visits and full technical guidance service for our customers. If you were not able to attend the show but are still interested in our products, feel free to contact us and our experts will still be able to provide on-site services. There are more special offers waiting for you, so come and contact us!

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