This project is located in the City of Palo Alto, CA, which is a newly built private villa. Because of the warmer climate in the area, the client was in desperate need of some very energy-efficient windows. So, we coupled this house with Doorwin exclusive alu-clad oak wood crank windows with double-pane Low-E laminated glass sets. Solid wood material provided raw power for energy efficiency, and crank casement openings gave the compression seal function to enhance the effect.

Crank out windows are one kind of casement window that is hinged at the side and open outward like doors but with a hand crank, and they operate by the crank system. They are ideal for hard-to-reach places (eg. above the kitchen sink) as the crank design allows for easy opening and closing. And the screens normally are placed on the inside of the window, where they are more protected from the elements.

Doorwin WOOD+ 163s offers the best alu-clad wood materials with higher strength and thermal insulation performance. This system combines modern aesthetics with top-of-the-line hardware and materials. They are higher performing in terms of thermal efficiency, noise reduction, and safety compared with other products in the market.

Doorwin WOOD+ 163s system is with double, laminated, or triple glazed for superior thermal and sound insulation. Our products are certified by NFRC, CSA, and many other EU and NA Institutions for air permeability, water tightness, wind resistance, thermal conductivity, and noise reduction. Below, we will show some of our unique proprietary designs to ensure higher performance and stability of our products

DOORWIN Compared to Other Brands

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01 / Profiles & Colors

In this project, we provided alu-clad white oak as the main material for the windows. As we all know, solid wood is the most energy-efficient material, which is exactly what the customer wants. From a thermal point of view, wood-framed windows perform well with frame U-factors in the range of 0.3 to 0.5. But the disadvantages are also obvious, solid wood is more prone to damage and corrosion, requiring higher maintenance costs, so we clad the exterior face of the frame with either vinyl or aluminum, creating a permanent weather-resistant surface.

As the exterior aluminum cladding, it has lower maintenance requirements, while retaining the attractive wood finish on the interior. Our Aluminum cladding with an advanced seamless welding joint technique makes the four corners of the aluminum cladding welding smoothly and barely can be seen. Resulting in not only a stronger weld but also creating a prettier finish.

For color options, the client wants to add white windows for a timeless look and to meet overall interior decorations, however, if it is painted white on the exterior window frame and sash, the painting cannot withstand the long years of aging and will increase the maintenance cost. So, we provided a solution with double colors. black exterior frames and white interior frames.

Not only black and white, but we also provide polyester powder coated 250+ RAL colors (with extra metallic and polished effects) to meet your infinite possibilities in custom design. If you prefer, you can even send us a color card and we will paint the windows exactly the way you want them to be.

For wood species, we are able to provide many qualified wood types, such as pine, oak, cherry, larch, maple, mahogany, teak, etc. We apply German environmentally friendly water-based paint to meet the need of health while remains the vivid texture of the wood. For wood species, we carefully select the quality woods from their origin places. Our oak and pine are from USA or Canada, teak is from Southeast Asia.

02 / Glazing

All of our windows and glass are in accordance with the NFRC standards of the United States. We will customize the glass requirements according to different regions, climates, and local inspections.

For the City of Palo Alto’s warm climate, this project featured double-pane glass, warm-edge spacers, argon gas fill, Low-E coatings, and fully tempered glass, they can not only create a comfortable and natural indoor environment but also save electricity bills and heating bills around 300~500USD per year according to your whole building’s fenestration areas. That’s a real bargain compared to choosing a regular glazing set.

03 / Hardware

For the Hardware System, Doorwin uses Made-in-USA multi-point locks, hinges, and handles. The handle is made of high quality stainless steel, and the bearings inside let you enjoy smooth operation.

Multi-point lock systems provide not only the burglar-resistance but also a tighter compression seam, make the window keeps the good energy efficient performance. High-strength hinges make the sashes can weigh up to 200kg, and ensure the durability of the window function, unlike the cheap ones that cannot operate smoothly after a short period time of use.

Crank Casement Window VS Sliding Windows

01 / Physical Differences & Ventilation

Crank windows or crank casement windows are opened and closed with a crank, its mechanism system supports its outswing up to 90 degrees, and the sash can catch and direct cross breezes into the house for increased ventilation. Sliding windows or horizontal sliding windows, the sashes slide horizontally on the rails, and only half of it can be opened, so this functional reason makes sliding ones reduced ventilation.

02 / Energy Efficiency

Absolutely, the crank casement window has better energy efficiency due to the compression seal between the sash and frame, which makes it the most efficient of all windows.

Anti-weather & Tightness

Because of the compression seal, the crank casement windows have the best air and water tightness and anti-weather function. And due to the rail operations of the sliding windows, they may not have the air and water tightness ability in extreme conditions (high wind, rain, and snow) as the casement windows.

03 / Prices

Usually, sliding windows are generally less expensive than crank casement windows. However, the energy savings from crank windows will surely pay for themselves over time. Furthermore, sliding windows don’t provide adequate protection from the elements, and are harder to maintain than casement windows due to dirt buildup and friction.

Choosing the right window for your home and your particular needs is a subjective choice that will always vary. If you are going to invest in new windows, feel free to contact us for professional support.

Doorwin's professional packing system guarantees all products are delivered safely and without any damage. We apply a four-point packing system. Firstly, adhesive plastic film is applied on interior wood frames and exterior aluminum frames to avoid scratches on the surface. Then, a paper board is applied after we apply air bubble film surrounding the whole windows/ doors to avoid any destruction or clash. Lastly, we place them into a durable non-fumigation plywood crate to avoid any possible damage during transportation.
With years of experience shipping our products worldwide, we could guarantee to ship our products to their final destinations intact and without any damage.

About Doorwin Factories

Doorwin is one of the most professional window & door manufacturers are known for its great customized products. In Doorwin, a variety of colors, styles, and sizes of products are available to meet the client’s unique requirements. We own three ISO9000-certified modern factories in China. With a factory area of 20,000 m2 and a production capacity of 100,000 m2 per year. Doorwin Group has the scale to ensure timely delivery and the flexibility to reduce manufacturing lead times to as short as 18 days.

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