Home design trends for 2022 focus on two key areas: ample natural light and statement pieces.


With remote work here to stay, it’s no surprise that homeowners want more sunlight and a closer connection to the outdoors. But how can you update your spaces to get the best of both design trends?


Bringing the Outside In


Indoor-outdoor spaces have always been desired, but what is an indoor-outdoor space? A patio is the most well-known form, but indoor-outdoor living can be so much more.


With patio door systems and floor to ceiling windows, traditional living rooms can feel more open and connected to surrounding nature. Merging an indoor kitchen with outdoor seating by way of a well-placed patio door can help you reimagine your day-to-day routines. Whether you’re relaxing, working, or entertaining, ample fresh air and natural light instantly improves the overall feel in your space.


Choose from sliding, swinging, folding, and Multi Slide doors to find the right product that elevates your environment. Doorwin’s ultra large opening systems are also a great option when looking to bring in more natural light and create unobstructed views. These systems offer indoor outdoor living in a sophisticated way.


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Think outside the box with arched windows

Why arched windows? Arched windows bring in extra light and are available in comprehensive design patterns that suit a wide range of design needs and preferences. Their unique shape provides visual interest, and the curved design naturally catches your eye.


Our Custom Wood Casement Special Shaped Top Window and Half Round Fixed window are great options for bringing this desired curved shape into your home. These styles help set traditional home styles apart by adding visual interest while improving curb appeal. With arched windows, there is no doubt that your home will stand out on your street.


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Make a lasting first impression with wide entry doors


Your front door is the main focal point to your home. It’s the first thing your guests interact with  when entering your residence. For 2022, trending door styles go beyond the physical door design –it’s all about the door width. There is something  inviting about a wide entry door. It evokes the idea that friends and family are always welcome. Wide doors with glass inserts make an impactful statement that’s on-trend in more than one way.


For a show stopping wider door style, look to our unique entry custom line that offers the largest heights and widths available. Our ultra large opening system offers an inclusive selection of oversized fiberglass doors that deliver long lasting beauty and durability. Stretch your design options with these doors that can stand upwards of 20ft wide and 10ft tall.


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Overall, 2022 is about bringing in light and standing out. Don’t be afraid to try new design combinations that might feel outside your comfort zone. Get in touch with us right now to make free quote

February 28, 2023 — DOORWINGROUP

About The Project

Nestled within a rural context, located in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, this magnificent residence distinguishes itself for the care and refinement of details down to the smallest feature.

There are functional tilt & turn windows and lift & slide doors, opening majestically towards yards and sharing spaces, freeing up the internal and external environments, creating a unique area mixed up with contemporary and historic features.