About The Project 

Doorwin project of oak wood aluminum specialty shape fixed windows with unique grilles for stairs is located in San Diego, CA, USA. It features oak wood interior and aluminum exterior cladding in fixed widow type. Unique grilles design requires experienced and sophisticated workmanship, making the windows more stylish.

 About Plan Drawing

The rough opening of stairs are 9 feet (2743 mm) tall by 3 feet (914 mm ) with specialty shape on the top. Wood aluminum composite for the window frame is great for the climate of CA. And the grilles are the same style of the windows.

The Beauty Of Specialty Shapes Windows With Unique Grilles Design

Rectangle shape of windows are regular and commonly seen while specialty shape windows are different and have their own features. They are more stylish and unique especially with the unique grille design.

The Beauty Of Wood Windows With Exterior Aluminum Cladding

Wood windows are beautiful and trendy as every wood species has its unique and natural grain, bringing you a energy efficient home and the sense of nature. But wood windows do require regular maintenance. Therefore Doorwin applies extruded aluminum for exterior cladding to provide great protection and improved strength and durability. Our aluminum profile could be powder coated with over 200 RAL color options to best match your house style. 

The Energy Efficiency Of Fixed Windows

There are many windows type that you could choose according to your specific needs. Among all, fixed windows are the most energy efficient windows types, as it is sealed well at four sides. There isn’t a meeting rail or a track like double hung. Fixed windows have good airtightness and watertightness and low maintenance.

 Sophisticated Workmanship Of Unique Grilles Design

For the specialty shape windows, we make the same style grilles to perfectly match it. Specialty shapes grilles are very difficult to make as it requires the sophisticated workmanship to make specialty shape. The grille is made of wood grille for interior, aluminum for exterior and the aluminum one between the glass pane, which requires careful and skilled manufacturing.

About Doorwin

Doorwin has always been providing quality windows and doors with great customized design and sophisticated workmanship. Our clients are satisfied with our quality and aesthetics and would lie to bother us on their next projects.

Years of project experience helps Doorwin Window experts are familiar with local building codes and climate, our products are easy to pass the inspection smoothly. Any window project questions, you are free to reach us www.doorwingroup.com.




June 02, 2020 — DOORWINGROUP

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