Trully Custom-Made


                        How Much Do Our Products Cost?

Other companies claim to give you the freedom to realize your visions but in practice, nickel and dime you for options that often force you into compromises. All our products are bespoke but unlike our competition, there are no additional costsfor “custom” designs, hardware styles,or color choices.

Simply put, because we own the factory that makes our products. By eliminating the "middleman" that many other home improvement companies use, Doorwin cuts out the additional costs that you would otherwise pay, and passes these savings directly on to you.

1) Doorwin has American certification, quality assurance has no doubt. Besides, Doorwin has full understanding of the local building code of United States, which ensures that the  product passes the local inspector acceptance and avoid the situation that cannot be  installed.

2) Doorwin has deep research about the local market, be familiar with local aesthetic needs and prices, can make accurate  recommendation for the customer's needs.
3) Doorwin strives to provide the best performing product but not sacrifice reliability. We insist on building reliable and durableproductsthat won’t break, then customer can save troubles and extra money for repairing or replacement. That is a great value to the customer and reduce the total cost of ownership.
4) Doorwin have many local successful projects to be endorsement, reference and case in US can be provided or visited when  required.   We also have a team of inhouse designers with no additional cost, customized windows are available with less time and charge.

5) Doorwin offers professional four-layers packaging to ensure safe delivery of products. The shipping mode is optional, if needed,  our shipping agency can provide customers with door to door and custom clearance services.

6) Doorwin can assure you timely delivery and the manufacturing lead time can even be shortened to 18days if it’s urgent need.  We  have powerful productivity and professional team to meet any special requirements.