Super Large Lift and Sliding Door with Double Glazed or Triple Glazed - China Super Large Lift Sliding Door, Double Glazed Sliding Door

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Super Large Lift and Sliding Door with Double Glazed or Triple Glazed
sliding door
Aluminium&Wood Profiles Outside
Classic Style
Solid Wood Aluminium Patio Door
With Glass
Custom Made
Decoration, Heat Insualtion, Good View.
Left & Right
Wood Frame Construction,Villas,High-Class Building
Gerany Origin Made Brand Siegenia/Roto
Custom Made
American or European Style
Solid Teak Wood / Oak Wood / Pine Wood
Pine, Oak, Teak
Double Pane Glass
Non-Fumigation Plywood Crate
Thermal Break Aluminum
Grille&Glazing Bars
DW-Wood Aluminum French Door
Wooden Crate+Air Bubble Film+Paper Angle Protector
Custom made, Optional Insect screen
Beijing China(Mainland)
Super Large Lift and Sliding Door with Double Glazed or Triple Glazed
Design  Custom Made
Dimension Custom Made
Profile All aluminum/Solid wood/Aluminum-clad wood are available
Frame Colors/Finishes The Aluminum Color is available in Anodized, Powder Coated, and Kynar (PVDF) and RAL Classic Colors.
The Wood is available in Clear Lacquered or Water based Paint Finishing.
Glass Double Glazing(5+12A+5) Insulating Toughened Glass with Low-E coated, Filled with Argon Gas. Triple Glazing, Laminated Glass are available. Swisspacer Warm Edge Spacer Bar between glass is optional.
Hardware Germany Origin Made, ROTO or SIEGENIA
Products Advantages 1.Aesthetic Appearance, Better View and Save Space
2.High Thermal Values and Low U Value
3.Good Performance On Water and Air Tightness
4.Resisting Moisture, Pollutants and Ultraviolet Light from the Sun.
5.Dust resistance and Easy Maintenance
Package Paperboard + Air Bubble Film + Non fumigation Plywood Crate
Sealing Top Brand Silicon and EPDM Sealant
Professional Service 1.Competitive Price
2.Professional Design and Sales Team
3.Experienced Processing and Painting Workers
4.On-Time Quick Delivery and Satisfying After-Sales Service
A specially engineered multi-slide door system which incorporates a European inspired design and hardware set. Operation of the Lift and Slide door system and the track options define the overall description. With the use of a large leverage handle, the operator engages a double v-gasket seal at the top and bottom of the door by turning the handle to lock the door.
The Lift and Slide panels use their own weight to compress the seals thus creating a completely weather-tight wall system when in the "down" position. When in the "up" position, the panels which weigh 200 pounds or more, are easily moved with a few pounds of pressure.
Lift and Slide Doors are widely used in top class building structures and provide perfect weather tightness, thermal and acoustic insulation, thus providing the residents with the highest level of comfort and greatly enhances the inhabitant's living or working environment.

All Aluminum: Perfect for large openings in more extreme climates. Thermal break lift and Slide system achieves excellent thermal insulation and isothermal values, thanks to its aluminuim thresholds and frame reinforcements.
Aluminum-clad Wood: Aluminum exterior and Wood interior. Internally only the soft lines warmth and ambience of the wood are visible, retaining that homely feel. The aluminum surface is extremely durable and able to withstand whatever the elements throw at it.
Solid Wood: Solid wood panels provides color, texture, strength and beauty to match the décor of your home or property. Wood species such as Mahogany, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Pine and Teak, and imported exotic hardwoods are available.
Double Glazing Tempered Glass with Low-E coating, Filled with Argon Gas. Triple Glazing or Laminated Glass are also available, and SWISSPACER Warm Edge Bar between glass is also optional, which improves the thermal performance greatly.
Customers can choose the Glazing configuration according to their local weather conditions or building codes.
Hardware accessories in the doors and windows occupy a very important position. Good quality hardware makes the windows and doors function effectively, while poor quality hardware affects the use of windows and doors, and you will pay more money for the replacement.
Doorwin only offers high quality door and window hardware, which includes German Brands-Roto, Siegenia, Hoppe, and American Brands-Caldwell and Truth, and Austrian Brand-Maco, etc, which are all world famous and quality guaranteed.

The aluminum finish is available in Anodized, Powder Coating, and Kynar(PVDF), and the colors apply to use RAL classic colors, and wood grain finishing.
The wood is available with clear lacquered or water based paint finish, and has dozens of finishes to match the décor in your home or business.
Doorwin is CE certified and specializing in producing high-end solid wood, aluminum and aluminum-clad wood windows and doors for over ten years.
Doorwin is dedicated to the research of energy efficient, Eco-friendly and cost effective products.  We have made great progress in the heat-insulation, Strength, Waterproof, Sound-insulation, Anti-condensation technology.
Doorwin strives to achieve timely delivery, superior quality and innovative products to meet every client's needs and expectations.