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I am here to gladly introduce you to this project in St. Louis, Illinois. The client wanted to pick windows that as a permanent element so that would not have to be replaced every time when the building was renovated. They wanted a solution that would be easy to install and maintain while also being aesthetically pleasing and functional within a relatively limited space.

This project has two large window holes in the limited living room area. In order to ensure enough light and opening area in the limited interior space. Based on the specifics of this project, our experts ultimately recommended to the client to use sliding windows as much as possible. Finally, the client was very satisfied with our work.

Because this project is in a city with high humidity levels at times during the summertime. Our sliding windows are equipped with aluminum cladding, these claddings are going to be as energy efficient as possible and their lifespan would be longer than usual wood windows. The client also wanted this product to look attractive from both the outside and inside. The whole house is full of wood and brick elements, just like a very exotic Southeast Asian jungle hut, so we used red oak as the raw material for the sliding windows to increase the curb appeal of the house.

Doorwin makes products with a clear idea of what we want each project to achieve, and is never limited. This is another project in Santa Barbara, California, which is a modern small bungalow.

In this scene, the dining room is decorated by Doorwin’s Modern Minimalism Slimline lift & slide door and sliding windows, allowing people to experience a mind-blowing panoramic view indoors. The use of sliding doors and windows allows for the creation of larger activity areas throughout the interior with limited space. At Doorwin, 52.1% of customers who purchase sliding windows also choose to purchase our lift and slide doors. If you have the same consideration for interior space arrangement, you can come and take a look at our lift and slide doors.

In American neighborhoods, people tend to choose windows and doors with divided lites, and of course, our sliding windows can be customized to achieve any effect you want.
It is important to note that our products can be customized with a variety of uses, depending on your needs and requirements. Glass size, divided lites, and window frame designs, at Doorwin, you can meet all your imagination of window and door design. Depending on your goal, sliding windows can be used in large or small spaces. They are perfect for rooms that need access to fresh air but don't want to sacrifice any precious interior space. The most essential thing is, our team used high-quality materials and an experienced craftsman who specializes in custom sliding glass windows and doors. The result is a product that looks fantastic and adds value to the house without taking away from its architectural integrity.

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Describe products, share announcements, oIn the above case, we offered the sliding windows according to the actual situation and needs of the customer. But in other cases, more customers will choose casement windows. When choosing window types, people usually struggle with which of the two most common window types to choose, sliding or casement windows? Generally, people will make a distinction because of the difference in design or function, but in fact, they have some other differences you may not notice, below we will talk about the pros and cons of them respectively. welcome customers to your store.

Let's start with a brief definition: Casement windows are generally connected by two or more hinges and are cranked or swung to be open. Casement windows can also be opened both in and outwards but generally open outwards.

To sum up, if you have more budget and want your house to be more modern and multifunctional, you should prefer the casement window, and if you have limited space and want a more simple and convenient way to operate your windows, then you can choose the sliding window.

If you still have difficulties in choosing your windows and doors, please feel free to contact our experts anytime and we will make the most suitable window and door solutions for you according to your decoration drawings or actual situation!

Sliding windows are simple in design and easy to operate. They consist of sashes that slide back and forth along a horizontal track to open or close. One pushes the window to the left or right; depending on the variant, one or both panes may be operable in the same way. Sliding windows can also be used to create a seamless transition between walls by allowing you to open them without disturbing any furniture or curtains. The most common reason for using sliding windows is that the house lacks interior space. This can be due to the need for an open concept, or simply because the area has been carved up into different rooms.

The following are some other reasons that homeowners can benefit from our sliding windows.

01 / Space-Saving

Sliding windows are an excellent addition to any home that is not quite spacious. These windows do not swing inwards or outwards, so you will have more space to use. With this window style, you will not have to worry about furniture placement or room layout. If you have a large living room or dining room, the sliding window can help you maximize your space by opening the door to the balcony or patio. You can also use it to give yourself access from one side of your house to another.

Sliding windows are also great for an extra bedroom or office space as they allow you to easily open up your home without having to rearrange furniture layouts or other rooms within the house.

02 / Easy to Maintain

Because they are relatively simple mechanisms, sliding windows have fewer moving parts, which contributes to their lower maintenance requirements. Because there are fewer parts to maintain than in a manual transmission, no springs or pulleys are required to maintain the proper operation of an automatic transmission. It’s easier to manage them as they don’t require routine upkeep. In order to maintain the proper function of your window tracks, you only need to remove accumulated dirt and debris from the tracks, then lubricate them occasionally. Heavy maintenance need not be a concern as long as sliding windows are installed correctly and use high-quality glass.

In order to achieve a higher standard and add more functions, Doorwin cooperates with the German hardware brand Siegenia to provide higher-standard OEM hardware systems. We offer a wide range of door lock models, both with and without locks. There are also OEM custom handles from Siegenia, high-quality sliding rails, and closures to make Doorwin's sliding windows meet the longest lifespan with your house.

03 / Unlimited Panoramic View

One of the significant advantages of sliding windows is that they offer an uninterrupted view of the outdoors. The large, rectangular glass with no grilles and hence, the sliding window offers a panoramic view of the outdoors. Windows that slide open are an excellent addition to any home, allowing you to enjoy the view of your lush green backyard, garden, or cityscape. If you are considering replacing your existing windows with sliding windows and are concerned about how they will affect the view from inside the house, install them facing a strong outdoor view source and it will bring a piece of its natural surrounding images into the home.

04 / Energy Efficiency

Although sliding windows have some disadvantages in sealing compared to casement windows, at Doorwin we fit sliding windows with the best quality warm edge spacers and in the end, the thermal insulation of the product is also very good. Doorwin’s standard option is double-pane glasses, warm-edge spacers, argon gas fill, Low-E coatings, and fully tempered or laminated glass, depending on the situation or your needs, there are also other options like triple-glazed laminated glass. They can create a comfortable and natural indoor environment and save electricity bills and heating bills around 100~300USD per month according to your whole building’s fenestration areas. That’s a real bargain compared to choosing a regular glazing set.

Notably, our products are certified by the NFRC, CSA, and other international certifications, ensuring that your project will pass inspection after completion. We have a lot of experience with local building codes and climatic characteristics, so we are well-qualified to help you meet your requirements.

05 / Custom Grille and Glass Design

We offer true freedom in design. You can choose any design you want—from colors, and materials to shapes—and we'll customize it to fit your vision. The same goes for hardware styles and everything is included in the price. Set yourself free and choose Doorwin, to experience the best bespoke fenestration service. By the way, all designs and products are under the USA building codes and will pass your local inspector’s verification. Our Art Glass Service provides beveled glass, etched glass, and various stained or clear historic glass styles. These solutions will not only make your property more unique aesthetically but also with high energy efficient performance.

Divided lite or grid windows and doors offer unique architectural solutions for buildings without compromising energy efficiency or aesthetics. Doorwin provides multiple muntin and glass options to customize your divided lite windows and doors. Further customization is available with a variety of colors and materials, creating an infinite number of design combinations to best suit your style.

06 / Easy Installation

In addition, they're easy to install and maintain. With Thermal Break Aluminum Fixed Windows from Doorwin, you'll get peace of mind knowing your new windows will perform well over time and keep your home comfortable year round.

Doorwin always looks for ways to reduce clients’ labor costs. Our unique flanges, assembly metal brackets design and other patented products help to easily install the windows. Labor costs during installation may exceed the window and door prices, therefore, the longer the project takes, it means you are losing money.

By offering a high-quality product with an easy installation process, we're able to help you save time and money—and that means you'll have more resources available for other important things like growing your business or spending time with your family.

Sliding Windows


Commonly known as:
horizontal sliding windows, gliding windows, slider windows

(Manually Controlled / Electronic Remote Control)

Doorwin built-in shutter by technology comprises an aluminum frame with integrated blinds sealed between insulated glass. They ensure maximum energy efficiency by giving you precise manual or electronic control over the heat and sunlight entering the room.

Doorwin built-in shutter dramatically reduces HVAC costs and allows for easy adjustment of sunlight and heat entering the room. And it prevents UV rays from damaging interior decorations.


Ultra-High Precision & High Strength

Meet North America Standard

The Thickness (For Window) ≥1.6mm
The Main Load-carrying Parts ≥2.0mm



LOW-E Technology Can Helps Homes Stay
Cooler In The Summer And Warmer In The Winter.


Technoform Bautec’s TGI-Spacer M – Our warm-edge spacer technology minimizes thermal bridging and has one of the lowest failure rates in the industry.


Ergonomic Design

Excellent Anti-Theft Performance RC2

Germany Roto / Siegenia Optional


Our High-precision Polyamide Is From Technoform Bautec- PA66 Nylon.
Our Thermally-broken Aluminum Profile Systems Utilize The Latest Polyamide And Low-Emissivity Foil Technologies To Minimize Thermal Bridging At The Frame And Sash.


Quality Of American Military Industry

304 S.S Protection Screen


No Scratches / Flaking / Fading

Satisfy All Your Imagination About Color

Fluorocarbon Coat Finishing Is Available At Request For Extreme Environmental Conditions.





Provide Clear Instructions
Save Installation Time