We were thrilled to introduce to you our project took in Branson's Nantucket Resort, a picturesque destination for tourists seeking entertainment and lake dining. Nestled in Table Rock Lake’s east shore of Branson, Missouri, this resort offers an exceptional experience to all its visitors. In keeping with the high standards of this resort, the owner was looking for a window and door manufacturer that could provide high-end products that are energy-efficient and have modern appeal. That's where Doorwin came in.

Doorwin is a leading manufacturer of windows and doors for modern energy-efficient buildings and high-end markets. With our focus on quality and innovation, we take pride in delivering products that meet our clients' expectations. We recently completed a commercial project at Branson's Nantucket Resort where we were responsible for all exterior windows. This project involved more than 200 openings, and we offered our ALU+ 70 Series thermal break aluminum tilt & turn windows, which are high in energy performance with a 0.20 U-factor under the NFRC certification.

At Doorwin, we have three wholly-owned factories with high-end Italian-imported machines, allowing us to handle large-scale commercial projects in the shortest time possible while maintaining the highest quality. Our products are designed to perform well at energy efficiency, ensuring that our clients save on their energy bills while enjoying comfortable indoor atmosphere.

Doorwin ALU+ 70 Series tilt and turn windows are superior to common casement windows in the US market. While casement windows have been around for centuries and are popular in many homes, tilt and turn windows offer superior air-tightness for energy performance and multi-opening for ventilation. When the owner of Branson's Nantucket Resort initially wanted to use regular casement windows, we recommended our tilt and turn windows, and they took our advice, making the whole building more energy-efficient and modern.

ALU+ 70 Series tilt and turn windows have all German-imported hardware and multi-lock systems, providing a longer lifetime and higher tightness. These windows are double-tempered glazed with Low-E coating, which helps in keeping the heat in during winter and the heat out during summer, providing exceptional insulation performance. Together with Technoform Bautec’s insulation edge bond and sealant strips, these make up our products' top insulation and energy-saving performance.

The ALU+ 70 Series tilt and turn windows we installed in Branson's Nantucket Resort offer a modern look, energy efficiency, and great functionality. The versatility of these windows allows them to fit seamlessly into the design of the building, making them an excellent choice for any high-end commercial project. After the completion of this perfect project, the client gave us high praise.

In conclusion, Doorwin's focus on quality and innovation makes us the best choice for your next commercial project. With our high-end products and quick turnaround time, we ensure that your project is completed to the highest standards. Our ALU+ 70 Series tilt and turn windows are an excellent choice for any high-end commercial project, providing exceptional insulation and energy-saving performance. If you have any new projects or intention to order windows and doors, please feel free to contact us!

Pre-Sale Optimized Design Service

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best products and services possible. We are excited to offer a free design and drawing service for clients on their pre-sale. ith our free design and drawing service, you can visualize how your windows and doors will look and function in your space before making a purchase. This allows you to make informed decisions and ensures that you are satisfied with the final product. Our team of experienced designers will work with you to create a custom design that meets your unique needs and preferences.

At Doorwin, we believe that our customers deserve the best. That's why we use only the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques to create our products. Our windows and doors are not only beautiful, but also energy-efficient, durable, and secure.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Contact Doorwin today to learn more about our free design and drawing service and how we can help you transform your space with our high-quality windows and doors.

5-Layers Packaging

We export tens of millions of dollars of windows and doors to the U.S. every year, and we know that improper packaging can cause breakage of the product when it arrives on site, and the biggest loss from this is, I'm afraid, the cost of time, after all, workers on site have requirements of working time and it needs to wait for a new shipment to arrive in case of damage occurs to the goods. So, we pack each window individually and in four layers, and finally into (non-fumigated) wooden boxes, and at the same time, there will be a lot of shockproof measures in the container, to protect your products. We are very experienced in how to pack and protect our products to ensure they arrive at the sites in good condition after long-distance transportation. What the client concerned; we concern most.


In our opinion, good quality means never having to compromise. The high-quality aluminum and components that we use allow us without compromising structural strength. In other words, even with slim frames, we offer a high-performing product for you. Our research and development team made sure that you still get unrivaled thermal insulation, high performance, and top-quality hardware on the 10 YEARS WARRANTY. The TPS glazing ensures that no air leakage and fogging issues on products for 25 YEARS WARRANTY.

Not only did we have a great time at the show, but in the next two months, our experts will be traveling throughout the United States to do site visits and full technical guidance service for our customers. If you were not able to attend the show but are still interested in our products, feel free to contact us and our experts will still be able to provide on-site services. There are more offers waiting for you, so come and contact us!

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