window grills design finished simple iron windows and doors with gray glass tempered grill designs swing door


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Windows & Doors
Carbon steel with thermal break / non-thermal
Hot dipped galvanized / Powder coated / Fluorine carbon paint
Anti-rust,anti-corrosion, waterproof,windproof, heat insulation, energy saving, thermal break, fire rated, environmental protection
French style,slim frame, fixed partition, swing casenment, awning, sliding, folding, pivot, sunlight room, window wall
Standard and Custom, Provide CAD drawings
Brass and copper
Standard and Custom
Tempered single, double, triple,insulation, Iaminated glass, can choose Lowe and argon filled
Company Introduction
Doorwin Group embodies a design-centered focus to push the boundaries of performance, reliability, durability and aesthetics,while maintaining value. Our design and engineering philosophies are centered on selecting materials, components and technologythat deliver great, quantifiable results at excellent price points.
The value we provide is unmatched by leveraging our position as a manufacturer to sell products directly to our
customers,eliminating traditional distributor and retail markups.
We strengthen our value by providing what we believe is the most extensive pre and after sales service to assist our customers in selecting the best products for their climate, application, and budget.
Lastly, we design and engineer our products to reduce total cost of ownership by maximizing performance while minimizing failures and promoting ease-of-servicing.
Related Products
Main Products
Folding door
Folding space takes up less,
Indoor permeability is stronger,
Modern minimalist design style,
Suitable for exterior balconies.
Casement door
Multi-layer sealing protection,
Standard notch design,
Improve window performance,
Flexible opening and easy to use.
Sliding door
strong and sturdy,
Good heat insulation,
The installation fit is high,
Low maintenance cost.
Sliding window
Occupies less space,
Easy to install the screen,
Good fire protection function,
Windproof to block flying sand.
Casement windows
Strong impact resistance,
Security and anti-theft,
Thermal insulation,
Good air tightness.
Sun room
Has many uses,
comfortable environment,
High space utilization,
The styling is not restricted.
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