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Doorwin windows is known for making quality and beautiful products with its delicate customized design. Lack of experience, many manufacturers have no idea when it comes to ultra big openings. Doorwin’s delicate design makes those openings alive with multi-panels Lift and Slide Doors. We are good at making 2 panels Lift and Slide Doors, 3 panels and 4 panels are all also what we are good at. We can even handle more than 4 panels Lift And Slide Doors.

Company Information

DOORWIN GROUP is a major Chinese manufacturer, supplying high performance timber windows, alu-clad timber windows and timber doors for large- and small-scale social housing projects in China. These products are highly sought for energy efficiency, longevity and low maintenance.
Our products are manufactured in 3 wholly owned manufacturing plants across China, large state of the art factories, sufficient to supply the largest projects, whilst remaining competitive.


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