modern aluminum casement window

Aesthetics Without Compromise


The ultimate marriage of form and function, our high-strength materials and concealed
hinges  reduces the frame and sash profile, minimizing the visual difference between
fixed and operable windows for a consistent design aestheticen fixed and operable windows for a consistent design aesthetic

How Much Do Doorwin Products Cost?

It's a question we hear often: How can Doorwin offer such high-quality windows and doors, at such an affordable price?

Simply put, because we own the factory that makes our products.

By eliminating the "middleman" that many other home improvement companies use, Doorwin cuts out the additional costs that you would otherwise pay, and passes these savings directly on to you.

Doorwin first takes the time to evaluate your home's specific needs, and then reommends the products that are ideal for your project.



About Doorwin - Top Quality Doorwin and Windows Manufacturer in China
Doorwin Group embodies a design-centered focus to push the boundaries of performance, reliability, durability and aesthetics, while maintaining value.  Our design and engineering philosophies are centered on selecting materials, components and technology that deliver great, quantifiable results at excellent price points.  
The value we provide is unmatched by leveraging our position as a top quality Windows and Doors manufacturer in China to sell products directly to our US customers, eliminating traditional distributor and retail markups.  
We strengthen our value by providing what we believe is the most extensive pre and after sales service to assist our customers in selecting the best products for their climate, application, and budget. 
Lastly, we design and engineer our products to reduce total cost of ownership by maximizing performance while minimizing failures and promoting ease-of-servicing. 

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Your Home Improvement Investment: What Affects Price?

From the style of the products you choose, to the material, features, options, and size of the project, you have the opportunity to make several choices that will help you be comfortable and confident investing in your home.

Doorwin products comes with a limited lifetime warranty* at no additional charge. It's an industry-leading warranty that covers every aspect of your Doorwin home improvement products - from their design, to the manufacturing, to the installation instruction, to the product itself. While it may be tempting to try tackling the project yourself, or focus only on the lowest bidder, or assume all warranties are the same, with Doorwin you can enjoy your home improvements knowing they are covered with our straightforward, best-in-class limited lifetime warranty*.

“Many Doorwin replacement windows and doors customers report immediate savings on their monthly energy bill. Some experience savings so significant that their new Doorwin products virtually pay for themselves. Doorwin home improvement products are consistently among the highest rated when it comes to energy efficiency. So not only do you get to enjoy the beauty and comfort your investment provides, but when the time comes to sell your home, new windows can provide a return on investment to the homeowner of more than 75% of the project cost.