The style of patio door and entry door will determine how you entertain family and guests, both inside and outside. It will also affect the level of natural light inside the property. More and more people want to increase their living space and enjoy the outdoor scenes. This explains why lift and slide doors are taking over the industry.


A automatic system custom project with our aluminum lift & slide

In recent years, we have noticed that property owners tend to invest heavily in their door products. This showcase of project is from one of our customers in Arizona. He ordered a large size life and slide door from us couple weeks ago. Then he blended our product with a automated system to control the door’s opening and closing.



This project also reflects the customizable nature of our products, our buyer contacted local automatic system manufacturer called PrecisionAutomated (, perfectly integrated the automatic system with our lift and slide. We indicated that the worldwide production standards allow our products are suit with all modifications.


A large balcony door with DOORWIN’s lift & slide system

Thermal Broken Lift & Slide


Since the lift and slide system is easy to maneuver, it allows for unusually large glazing. We used thermal broken aluminum as the frame material and Germany hardware brand mechanism to keep the whole door for heavy duty and endurance.


This high-end mechanism is so solid that we can create a minimal profile to let users enjoy the best view even let you forget that you’re indoors.


The lift and slide system we use can be recessed into the floor, the current trend in home design joins modern lines and minimalist aesthetics. Open spaces and natural light are favored because of a mood-boosting abilities.


In our lift and slide systems, we utilize a Low-E layer on our glass as a result of its energy-saving residential or commercial properties. Because the panels are usually very large, the residence is revealed to more natural light. The Low-E covering aids reflect the heat away from your home. This lets you take pleasure in the natural light and also the view, with really little effect on the indoor temperature level. Maintaining your convenience in mind, we took an action additionally by giving a superior seal to decrease the exchange of outdoor air to a rigorous minimum.


Special features of our lift & slide

  1. Larger panels – Make walls become doors


Lift & slide doors provide an unobstructed view and add a great amount of light to your home. It makes the walls become doors! In other words, Lift & Slide Doors replace the wall and become part of your home. We apply four panels with two fixed panels on each side and two moveable panels in the middle. Thus, it adds a great amount of natural light and modern elements to the home.


  1. German origin brand hardware system


The possibilities in this system enable energy effectiveness, stunning size, easy operation, and safety. The lift & slide door is developed with an energy-efficient solid wood framework with outside aluminum cladding, offered in dual or triple glazing alternatives. With sealing securing actions, it brings a remarkably power effective performance.


  1. Custom design

Doorwin is known for its customized design. For the exterior color, over 250 RAL colors are all available for us to make. For the doors, we make the warm edge spacer the same color of the aluminum color to achieve the entire harmony.


Another option is solid wood, which is prefect for windows and other furniture. It makes you an energy efficient home and let you feel close to nature at home. Among various wood species, oak is one of commonly used wood. We carefully select the beautiful oak wood from USA or Canada.


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August 26, 2022 — DOORWINGROUP

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