Casement window is one of the most popular window options among consumers. Here is Doorwin's latest evolution of casement windows: Architect Design Series features a solid wood frame and sash with exterior aluminum cladding, which owns beautiful and fine furniture detailing with the most authentic look. Meanwhile, exterior aluminum cladding alleviates all concerns about wood windows.

This casement window system could effectively resist wind pressure and distortion, and have excellent heat-insulation performance. Three layers of sealing rubber strip between the frame and sash could guarantee perfect air-tightness. The whole window applied equal pressure cavity drainage design, and make sure no water penetration even during strong wind and heavy rain.

Based on the professional test report of CLEB, the U-Value of the window is less than 0.28. Doorwin windows are made with a variety of high-performance glass options to meet your energy performance and budgetary needs, such as the warm edge spacer (world famous brand SWISSPACER ), ultimate Low-E glass, and so on, which guarantee you the dream windows.

Meanwhile, we could offer a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles. That’s what Doorwin means by custom-made products. 


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Why Doorwin is your best choice compared with other window manufacturers in China?

Based on years of production experience and professional services, Doorwin has become one of the top window manufacturers in China. Why Doorwin is your best choice compared with other manufacturers in China? You will know after further learning our advantages for both products and business philosophy.

Doorwin VS Chinese Manufacturer

1) Doorwin has American certification, and quality assurance has no doubt. Besides, Doorwin has a full understanding of the local building code of the United States, which ensures that the product passes the local inspector acceptance and avoids the situation that cannot be installed.


2) Doorwin has deep research about the local market, be familiar with local aesthetic needs and prices, and can make an accurate recommendation for the customer's needs.


3) Doorwin strives to provide the best performing products but does not sacrifice reliability. We insist on building reliable and durable products that won’t break, so then customers can save the trouble and extra money for repair or replacement. That is a great value to the customers and reduces the total cost of ownership.

4) Doorwin has many local successful projects to be endorsed, references and cases in the US can be provided or visited when required. We also have a team of in-house designers with no additional cost, customized windows are available with less time and charge.

5) Doorwin offers professional four-layers packaging to ensure the safe delivery of products. The shipping mode is optional, if needed, our shipping agency can provide customers with door-to-door and clear clearance services.

6) Doorwin can assure you of timely delivery and the manufacturing lead time can even be shortened to 18 days if it’s an urgent need. We have powerful productivity and a professional team to meet any special requirements.


August 28, 2019 — DOORWINGROUP

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