Wood Grain Finishing Aluminum Windows

Wood window is preferred by many people for its natural beauty and warmth but upset about its high price and regular maintenance costs as well as its susceptibility to rotting, mold and mildew. So aluminum windows is a more appealing option to some homeowners. Is there any way to realize that a window looks like a window but it is a aluminum window. Of course “YES”. Doorwin’s 3D wood grain finishing aluminum windows help you to realize “Freedom to Dream” and Doorwin’s wood grain finishing aluminum windows is what you want.




Doorwin’s 3D wood grain finishing technology provide you with a nature timber appealing, environmentally friendly solution. The wood grain finish is ideally suited for the house buyers or architects who prefer to see a natural wood appearance.


Doorwin’s advanced wood finishing technology makes the wood grain profile of the window clear, strong three-dimensional, and can reflect the natural texture of the wood . It is an ideal energy-saving and environmentally friendly material to replace traditional wood.


Doorwin’s wood finishing features as follows:

     1. Durable, the texture does not fade for 15 years.

  1. The texture is close to the real wood grain.
  2. non-toxic and non-polluting, suitable for daily household use.
  3. high graded compared to the traditional silver aluminum alloy windows.


Different wood textures and colors are available to meet different house decor.

Doorwin Group embodies a design-centered focus to push the boundaries of performance, reliability, durability and aesthetics, while maintaining value. Our design and engineering philosophies are centered on selecting materials, components and technology that deliver great, quantifiable results at excellent price points.  Doorwin’s 3 wholly owned factories across China and strong technology strength provide you with the high-quality products. Please feel free to contact us for any inquires about the windows and doors.

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What are benefits of casement windows? I am wondering how to choose the way of opening.

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