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Glass plays an important role in windows, about 75% to 85% of the windows areas are made of glass. How much do you exactly know about glass?

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When we talk about the performance of glass, it involves U value/ U factor.

U value is applied to evaluate the ability of thermal performance of a window. U value presents how much the heat loss through the windows. (Sometimes K value is another way to evaluate energy efficiency in China. A lower K value represents better energy efficiency.) The lower U value is, the less heat lose during transmission, the more energy efficient the window is.

window U value and U factor


What makes the glass energy efficient? Low-E coating, argon gas, warm edge spacers help.

Most manufacturers apply tempered glazing for the windows and doors. Single pane was old fashioned, generally we get to use double pane to achieve good performance now with the thickness of 5mm or 6mm, 9mm to 18mm spacers separating the glass pane. As the spacers get wider, the U value gets reduced. General spacers are made of aluminum, warm edge spacers to improve the energy efficiency of by using non-mental or plastic materials. Low-e coating applies a coating on the glass to make the glass with lower emissivity. Gas filled between the pane provides slow conductor of energy. Argon gas is common applied.

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Tempered Glass-Standard Glazing Options

Tempered glass is almost standard option for most window manufacturers, as they are safer and stronger than general glass. Once it’s broken, they shatter into small pointless pieces. Doorwin provides a wide range of tempered glass to meet the various needs of performance and aesthetics for clients.

Tempered Glass

Low-E Glass- Improvement the windows’performance is more than just a little.

Low - E glass has low emissivity, which covers a very thin coating on the glass surface to lower than the U value to achieve the better energy efficiency. It’s transparent and reflect heat. Low -E coating is popularly applied in double pane tempered glass.

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Laminated Glass-Improvement of glass strength and security

Laminated glass are two glass pane sealed with a polyiynil butyral (PVB) interlayer to form a much thicker glass combination. The thickness of pvb is usually divided by 0.38mm. The most common thickness of pvb are 0.76mm or 1.52mm. Laminated glass offers excellent strength and safety.

Laminated Glass

Frosted Glass- More Privacy without compromising aesthetics

Frosted glass is glass frosted look to provide more privacy while allowing much amount of light coming through the windows. You cannot see the image clearly through them. Frosted glass are commonly used in bathroom windows and doors, which make you unrestrained .

Frosted Glass


Carved Glass -More stylish and unique glass for unique windows.

 Carved glass makes the image carved on the glass to add more stylish and unique features to the window. By carving different pattern on the surface of the glass, carved glass makes the glass different and reflect the personality of the owners. Carved glass is versatile and stylish.


We listed the ways to lower the U value and types of glass above, there are more types like heat strengthened Glass, annealed glass, etc. To find out more about glass, contact Doorwin window experts at



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