Why Pine Is Underrated, and Other Secrets from a Trained Wood Scientist

When choosing materials for your new windows and doors, there are a lot of choices of wood to choose from, such as pine, oak, teak, cherry, mahogany. etc. It's commonly agreed that good quality comes at a good price, as price represents values to some extent. However, pine is one the those that provide unmatched value. Pine is not only economical, but also with great value that surprises you if you had known more pine after reading the following passages from Doorwin. ( www.doorwingroup.com) 


What Most People Know About Pine.

Environment: Pine is commonly founded in cold-temperate areas in Northern Hemisphere, like USA, Canada, Russia and Europe, etc. They are evergreen and quite easily recognized by their needle-like leaves and thick barks and typical cone shapes. It takes about 30 years to 50 years for pine trees to be mature and applied into use.

Price:Pine is a cheaper solid wood when compared with oak. teak, etc. It fits tighter budgets.


Grain: Pine generally has straight open grain, cream white color, and some could be very white or yellowish. It resists shrinking and swelling.


What Most People Haven’t Know About Pine.

Value: Pine is not just a cheaper solid wood, it is good for windows and doors. Pine is soft wood, lighter than other wood species. Pine is light, soft and flexible to process. That’s why it isn’t good for flooring as loud noise annoys when stepping on it. But for windows and doors, it’s just good enough.

Modern: Pine is good for modern furniture due to its malleable design and cream white (or yellowish) color. Some hardwood would have dark colors like oak, mahogany, etc and isn’t easy to design, also oak is easy to shrink and swell. And pine has straight open grain and easy to stains and painted into different styles and colors. Thus it matches modern homes better than other wood species.


Pine is a renewable and recycle resource. Pine can regrow in the forest and can be recycle when after initial usages. (To find out more about pine, visit www.doorwingroup.com) 

The quality and aesthetics of windows/ doors is not only about materials, also the design ability of the manufactures. Doorwin Group has always been provided the premium products with great aesthetics in general styles and innovative styles to provides top-ranking customized experience for clients.

Doorwin Pine Windows exceeds your window expectations.

As a professional window Chinese manufactures for years, Doorwin has designed various windows/ doors types with pine, it satisfies customers with its excellent quality and performance as well as great aesthetics. Doorwin Pine Windows features top quality pine wood form USA/ Canada and straight open grain with Finger Joint Wood technique to improve its strength and durability without sacrificing aesthetics. Germany originally made environmentally friendly water-based paint provides Doorwin Pine Windows long-lasting durability an easy-to-clean surface. Germany hardware and accessories of ROTO/ SIEGENIA provides the remarkable safety and durability. For glass options, fully tempered double glazing is standard options. Higher performance request could be met with triple glazing, low-E coating, argon gas filled and warm edge spacers.


Doorwin doesn’t just provide single dull pine windows, it could combine with round top arch transom or other shapes to provide the various versions. Pine window can also combine with aluminum exterior cladding to provide good protection. Find out more about  Doorwin Pine  Window and design, please visit www.doorwingroup.com.


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