Ultra High Thermal Break Aluminum Tilt Turn Windows

About Tilt Turn Windows

Tilt turn windows are getting popular as it is energy efficient and multifunctional. This advanced window is roofed in Europe and popular in modern homes. Tilt turn window has 2 ways of opening by different positions of the handle. When the handle turns 90 degrees, it’s an inward casement window. Casement windows are the most energy efficient window type second to fixed windows, and they offer the maximum ventilation. As it swings inward to open, it is safe and easy to clean. When the handle turns 180 degrees, the sash tilts a gap about 15cm to allow the window open from the top as a hopper. A hopper can provide all weather ventilation even in rainy days. Thus tilt turn window combines the advantages of casement and hopper while subtly avoid their disadvantages. What’s more, tilt turn windows are very anti-theft, there is less likely to open the windows from outside.

About Doorwin Tilt Turn window

Doorwin has done many wonderful projects of tilt turn windows in USA, Europe and Australia. Many of our American projects are located in California, Texas, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, etc. We are happy to share some project pictures with you any time, so that you can feel our quality and design. We can not only design standard sizes of tilt turn window, we also can design ultra high tilt turn windows, up to 13 feet in height. With a width of 3 feet, the tilt turn windows look modern and beautiful.


About Thermal Break Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum windows are commonly used in windows and doors. They are durable, strong, easy to finishing. But aluminum is a good conductor of heat and cold due to its metal feature. Thermal break aluminum applies a non-metal poly amide bar between the interior and exterior aluminum to stop or break the transmission. So it greatly improves the energy efficiency. This is thermal break aluminum , also known as thermally broken aluminum, it’s an updated aluminum profiles. Thermal break aluminum is at least three times stronger, durable and more energy efficient than general aluminum.

Doorwin thermal break aluminum windows feature excellent thermal break aluminum profiles with experienced powder coating finishing technique. Our skilled and experienced powder coating technique decorate the aluminum surface with various color options to perfectly match your home style. The color is balanced and can last at least 20 years. We are able to provide over 250 RAL colors (www.ralchart.com), even for rares colors like pearl and metallic colors. Besides that, we also own our unique color like Doorwin Elegant Grey, Doorwin Elegant Black, etc.

About Glazing & Hardware

For glazing, we offer tempered glass for every window and glass door. Double glazing fully tempered glass is our standard option. For better performance, we applied argon gas filled, low-e coating and warm edge spacer to meet your needs of performance. Triple glazing is applied in high performance request.

For different functions of the glazing, we offer transparent glass, forested glass, opaque glass etc. A wide range options of glazing make you a beautiful and practical window and a home with such excellent window.

For hardware, we apply Germany origin made hardware to provide safety and durability. Germany hardware offers different solutions to support different sash sizes and weight. Its multi-point locking system makes the window own great load bearing to support the sash.

About Doorwin

Doorwin is one of the leading Chinese manufacturer, good at providing quality aluminum and wood windows/ doors. The company is known by its creative design. For the thermal break tilt turn window, the height can be up to 13 feet, not many companies are able to do that. We can also provide windows with ultra narrow frame. Those are great examples of our creative design. Doorwin strives to offer you freedom to design for your amazing house. We mean to bring you quality products with creative design. Doorwin Group, truthworthy. Know more about us at www.doorwingroup.com 



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