Image you are in front of houses with different doors, which exterior doors do you want to open first? I think most people will choose solid wood exterior door. Solid wood exterior doors will always make your home beautiful and elegant for now and years to come. Besides being energy efficient, durable and strong, wood exterior doors are trendy and timeless. Wood doors boast sense of comfort and nature at home, which cannot be provided by fiberglass or aluminum. With origin unique wood grain, the beauty of wood doors go beyond descriptions.

Solid Wood Entry Doors

Doorwin has been in the field of aluminum & wood windows and doors for many years. The company has been known by providing quality doors and windows with great aesthetics, especially for wood windows and doors. As one of the leading manufacturers in China, Doorwin strives to adopt the finest wood and exquisite workmanship producing good windows and doors to offer you a cozy home. Many homeowners, builders, contractors and architects cannot satisfy our products too much. However, you may want to know why Doorwin is your best choice when you need solid wood exterior doors.

Solid Wood Exterior Door Details

Doorwin has done many wonderful wood door projects

 With years of exporting windows to USA, Europe and Australia, we have done many wonderful projects of various types. Our professional expertise and exquisite workmanship make our wood doors good quality and qualified for inspection. Our products are in accordance with local building codes. Therefore, they are easy to pass the inspection. Many homeowners and construction professionals love our products and they would like to invite us to join their next projects. We keep and continue to keep providing premium products to every client.

Our Solid Wood Exterior Doors Projects

Doorwin provides the quality wooden doors with exquisite workmanship

We are into the field of windows and doors for years, professional manufacturing process and delicate workmanship make our solid wood exterior door recognized by many clients. We are able to provide many quality solid wood, such as pine, oak, cherry, larch, maple, mahogany, teak, etc. We apply Germany environmentally friendly water-based paint to meet the need of health while remains the vivid texture of the wood. For wood species, we carefully select the quality woods from its origin places. Our oak and pine are from USA or Canada, teak are form south-east Asia.

Project Cases Exterior Doors and Wooden Windows

Due to the shapes of the opening and customers’ preference, some solid wood exterior doors are with arced top or another shapes. However, arched top for wood is not easy to manufacture. As great strength of hardwood, arched top wood doors require exquisite workmanship. With our skilled and experienced workmanship, the finished arched top wood doors are just beautiful. To provide excellent safety, we apply top quality American or European originally made brand hardware to make sure a secure door.

Doorwin owns a talented designer team to bring freedom designs for perfect exterior wooden doors for your house

Doorwin is known by its great customized design,we mean to offer the freedom to design. Our design teams are aware of both modern and classic door design. For big exterior wood doors, many homeowners would like to have sidelights on one or both sides. Sidelights make the house airy and brighter. Doorwin is good at designing a wide range of sidelights based on the size of opening and clients’ preference.  

Raised panels get a three-dimensional look.  Plat panels make the door look concise and modern. For panel style, all panel styles are all available for us to make.

Glass Options for Solid Wood Exterior Doors

Inserted glass makes solid wood exterior doors more stylish and elegant. For inserted glass, we provide diversified types tempered glass to meet the need of safety and performance. We provide opaque or frosted glass to provide privacy. For the shapes and styles of the glass, we are all good with them.

  • Doorwin a group of nice people to work with

Doorwin is a professional company of windows and doors. We are a group of passionate people who want to help you with window and door projects to provide you a great home. We are professional, responsible, patient and helpful whenever you need assistance of window problems.

Doorwin Wood Door Factory

Doorwin has always been a professional windows/doors manufacturer with quality-oriented and aesthetics products. The company owns three modern factories with production capability of 100,000 square meters per year, we are able to shorten the lead time within 18 days. What’s more, we offer every of our client with direct transparent pricing. We pass the cost of dealers or distributors and bring the customized products directly to you. We are Doorwin, the trustworthy windows/ doors manufacturer. Contact us at


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