UPVCWidows VS Aluminum Windows

UPVC windows and aluminum windows are both commonly seen. There are some similarities and differences between them. Both of them do not rot or rust like wood. And they are more affordable and energy efficient. They requires almost zero maintenance. All you need to is simple cleaning. However, there are some differences. UPVC is easier to manufacture and cheaper than aluminum. Aluminum are stronger than UPVC. In other words, you can use slimmer aluminum frame for windows while you can do that to UPVC. Aluminum is also easy to finishing. Powder coating finishing techniques and wood grain finishing technique makes aluminum windows in different types. Though Doorwin is a professional UPVC windows and doors company, the company is also good at providing quality aluminum & wood residential and house windows.


 Doorwin Latest Window Designs -Tilt turn Windows

German windows are known as quality and performance. One of Doorwin latest window designs are tilt turn windows. The windows begun in Germany and get a rise in popularity of modern residential and commercial housings, with its dual functions by different positions of handle. Tilt turn windows have two ways of opening. When the handle turns 90 degrees, it functions like an inward casement. When the handle turns 180 degrees,it functions like a hopper.The sash tilts a 15 cm gap to allow for all weather ventilation. So tilt turn windows combine the advantages of casement and hoppers by the handle modes. Therefore, tilt turn windows is energy efficient and high performance and secure. If you have a large opening for a large window, then Doorwin tilt turn windows is one of your prefect choices.

What are the main charm of Doorwin Latest Aluminum Tilt Turn House Window?

  • Doorwin is good at providing quality aluminum tilt turn windows.

aluminum with thickness over 1.4 mm

Tilt turn windows are one of Germany style casement windows. Unlike American casement windows wing open foldable cranks, tilt turn windows sing or tilt open with a handle. Doorwin tilt turn windows feature excellent quality thermal break extruded aluminum with thickness over 1.4 mm. Double glazing fully tempered glass provides good performance. Germany originally made hardware ROTO/ SIGENIA provide great strength and security for the windows.

Double glazing fully tempered glass

Germany Origin Brand Hardware

  • Doorwin tilt turn windows are of great aesthetics.


With our experienced powder coating finishing technique, the finished aluminum surface are coated with various color options. We are all good to make all the colors on RAL chart, even for rare colors. If you want to make your aluminum windows look like wood windows, our wood grain finishing technique can finish the aluminum surface with simulated wood grain. You can also put aluminium arch windows above tilt turn windows to make it more beautiful. Round glass windows are also available.

3D wood grain finishing

  • Doorwin offers you freedom to design.

Besides classic windows, Doorwin is good at making creative designs. Bronze  aluminum frame is getting popular. If you want a brown aluminum windows with narrow frame, we are happy to present you our Ultra Narrow Frame Windows, which is 35% narrower than general frame.If your opening are round, let’s decorate your house with aluminum round windows. If you want spacers match better with your window color, we can make the color of spacers same as the window colors. If you want a modern window, we are ready to make concealed hinges. We are more than just professional windows manufacturer, we will always happy to offer the freedom to design your amazing home.


Ultra Narrow Frame Window

How can Doorwin Provide Quality Products With Affordable Price To Its Clients?  

Doorwin windows is one of the leading manufacturers of quality aluminum and wood windows in China. Besides classic window types, We are also good at making windows like aluminum garden windows, bay & bow window, cheap casement windows, etc. With rich experience of exporting products to USA,Canada, Europe and Australia for years. Doorwin’s products meet CE and North American NFRC requirements. Independent testing reports by Intertek USA represent our quality.


With three own modern factories, Doorwin tends to provide quality products with affordable price . Doorwin’s three factories makes it able to provide direct sales and transparent pricing. By reducing the cost of dealer or distributors, we bring the products directly to our clients. Doorwin provides truly custom made products, no additional cost for custom made style or color, etc. We offer you the freedom to design your amazing home. Find out more information, check on www.doorwingroup.com.

three own modern factories


December 03, 2019 — DOORWINGROUP