There are two main reasons when people are thinking about necessity. One is necessary functions and the other is improved aesthetics. Is window sill necessary? What are the functions and aesthetics of window sill? To find out the answer, keep reading.


What is a window sill?

Speaking of window sill, the impression of it might be somewhere to place plants or sit sometimes. Window sill is the flat part or surface at the bottom of the window, it connects to side jambs and opposite to head casing, also known as window ledge. All of them together make the window trim. Sills can be interior or exterior of the window. The materials of window sills could be in wood, stone, vinyl, aluminum and tile. Interior sill is usually level and exterior sill is usually at an angle.

Reasons Why Windows Sill Is Needed?

There are two main reasons for why window sill is needed, due to its functions and aesthetics.


The Function of Window Sills

Window sill is necessary part of the window, it’s designed to help keep the window structurally. It connects window board and frame to secure the window in proper place and seal the gap between window and the wall. A window isn’t complete without window sills.


Interior window sill is designed to prevent condensation so as to protect the inside wall. Exterior sill is designed to let out the rainwater before it gets into the rooms. To let out rainwater is one of the greatest function of window sills. Interior and exterior window sills work together to provide additional stability of both sides. 

Sills also allow users to stand on it to clean the window, especially for the interior sills. It helps have easy cleaning without using a ladder.

The Aesthetics Of Window Sills  


Window sills add more beauty to a window, as it covers upon the rough building construction to help decorate the window. And its wide range of materials and colors can be consistent with house style.

What’s more, potted plants are placed on interior sills to bring nature to home throughout this wonderful little space. And may want to display your decoration on the interior sills. Without doubt, window sill is the wonderful showroom of your plants and other decorations.


Window sills are small part of the window but play a key role in unction and aesthetics. Doorwin window experts help you to choose the right window sills. Contact Doorwin at 

November 15, 2019 — DOORWINGROUP