Introduction About Slimline Window

The slimline window, featuring less frame and more natural light, as well as better views, is popular in modern homes. It is the perfect combination of fashion and cutting-edge technology.


For the slimline window from Doorwin, the frame width of the window produced by Doorwin is 35% slimmer than the regular frame. The structure of the aluminum profile, the geometrical shape of each cavity and the angular dimensions of each component are subtly designed and precisely calculated, meanwhile taking consideration of various properties of the window such as wind-resistant, thermal insulation and sealing etc.

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Doorwin uses the high-quality primary aluminum rather than recycled aluminum. The thickness of the aluminum profile reach to 2.0mm, which assures outstanding rigidity and deformation resistance and keeps the stability and the performance of the window unchanged although the frame is narrower.


The thermal break barrier used between the alumina profile is Germany origin branded Technoform thermal break barrier (Polyamide PA 66) which is world famous and mainly used in high grade doors or windows. It could keep the cold out and the warm inside or otherwise. The pressure-equalized cavity drainage design and weep channels prevent moisture intrusion even under high static pressure. 4 layers of sealing using thermally efficient and durable materials ensures an airtight assembly and significantly reduces sound transmission.


If you want a natural and vivid wood texture on the alumina surface, Doorwin’s 3D wood grain finishing technology can help you. The wood-grain effects are virtually indistinguishable from the real timber. A range of classic colors provided after treatment on the surface for your selection according to your favor.


a European SONBINCO slim handle and concealed hinges are used to perfectly match the slim frame.


Additionally, 3 wholly owned factories across China ensures 18 days production time available. Every process is strictly controlled, and every detail is carefully crafted to ensure that zero defect products are provided to the customers.


Doorwin is dedicated to developing and producing high quality windows and doors. Creative design meets your vivid imagination and professional project team provide you with the professional resolutions. Please feel free to contact us for any window or door enquiry.


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Do you offer sound proof windows ? If this slim line window have good performance? what’s the price?

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