Choosing the correct door requires careful consideration. The exterior door is the most important feature of people’s home and it provides the first impression for people’s home. What type of exterior door is right for your house? From style and color to hardware and material, there’s a lot to pick out. Learning some basic knowledge as follows will help you to choose the right one.

Which kinds of doors should I choose?

When you search the new doors in the market, you may feel overwhelmed about your options. Generally, you should keep three things in mind: style, energy efficiency and security.

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Style – The number of styles and options leave much to your personal taste. Do you like a craftsman style door or do you prefer a traditional colonial look?

Energy Efficiency – If you want to lower your home heating and cooling bills, the high performance energy efficient doors are an excellent way to do it. High-quality door can stop heated or cooled air from escaping. Your energy efficiency goals will influence which type of material you choose.

Security – Your exterior door is the easiest entry point for thieves, so it’s important to choose a door that gives you the most protection possible.

What type of material should I use?

A combination of several materials is sometimes used, but the three basic material choices for exterior doors are wood, steel and fiberglass. Which one is best depends on your specific needs and budget. Generally, wood is best for aesthetics, steel for security, and fiberglass for a maintenance-free option.

Wood – Wood doors are classic and attractive. However, they are generally more expensive than other options, and they require periodic maintenance to retain their looks. Fixing scratches or dents that appear on a wooden door is much easier than fixing these problems in other door materials.

Fiberglass – Fiberglass doors are more affordable than wood. They are maintenance-free and filled with insulation for energy efficiency. Modern fiberglass doors can mimic the look of wood at an affordable price.

 Steel – Steel doors are incredibly strong, making them an excellent choice for exterior doors. They are inexpensive and energy efficient and they can also be painted in colors to match your home. Steel doors don’t crack or warp like other materials, but they are easy to dent and difficult to repair.

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Will the doors swing inward or outward?

The majority of exterior doors are designed to swing inward. This offers better security, and most people are used to outside doors swinging toward the inside.

However, climate can also play a role in whether an outside door swings inward or outward. For example, areas of the country that experience tropical storms and hurricanes sometimes use outward-swinging exterior doors, as they are less likely to be blown in by high winds.

By contrast, homeowners in climates that receive heavy snowfall in the winter months typically opt for an inward-swinging door that won’t stop them from leaving their home if snow piles up outside.

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Choosing a branded manufacturers with good reputation

Branded manufacturers are more standardized in terms of product quality and service system.


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