Marvin VS Doorwin: Style

 Started in 1912, Marvin begun its doors and windows business as a family-owned company based in Minnesota. As time moves on, Marvin and has become one of America’s leading national brands.


Doorwin, based in Beijing, China, is a new emerging power in windows market of North America and Europe, known by many homeowners and construction professionals. Its product lines vary from the general styles to latest designs. The company strives to maintain the general style as people are used to them, meanwhile surprise its customers with newest fashion design and modern window technique.

Marvin’s casement windows series ( are mainly in style of push out, inswing and French in wood material, featuring: available in heights up to 8 feet (2438mm) or width up to 3.5 feet (1067mm); sleek design and square profiles; easy to clean inside; retractable screen; hidden Lock Status connect with your smart phone; CE certified, etc.


Doorwin’ s casement window series ( are similar to Marvin’s in appearance. Besides, it offers more sizes, style, opening ways and materials options to customers. For sizes and style, Doorwin has three own factories and its design team, it can truly custom made any sizes and colors to fit any opening according to customers’ needs. For opening ways, most of casement window is either push out, inswing or French opening. Doorwin casement windows also feature European tilt turn opening, an advanced way in modern window techniques. It simply combines casement windows and top opening hopper windows in one handle to allow for the switch. For creative design, Doorwin is able to design casement window with double hung in appearance. For materials, Doorwin provides thermal break aluminum, solid wood, wood-alu profiles.



Marvin VS Doorwin: Pros & Cons

When buying windows, what people are usually concerned about cost and quality. Marvin windows cost is about $350-$680. Marvin’s Infinity Series classic windows start from $1200 to $1500, depending on your location. Doorwin’s casement windows tend to be more reasonable and affordable on cost, with a price of 40% - 50% lower at similar quality and better design. Doorwin doesn’t provide different price in different locations or countries, for its customers don’t just come from a certain country. 

As people are satisfied with cost, they begin worrying that manufacturers might sacrifice quality to achieve competitive lower cost. Simply no, instead of that, Doorwin selected the best raw materials and product in a delicate and experienced way to come out high quality for its customers. The reason why Doorwin can provide lower cost while maintain the quality and aesthetic is, Doorwin has its own experienced advanced factories, it offers direct transparent sales and delicate design to its customers, reducing the middlemen or distributors cost. That’s also the reason why it can offer transparent pricing. By above those, Doorwin owns the advantages of affordable cost, transparent pricing and delicate design.  


Marvin has been in the window filed over 100 years; it has been one of leading window company in America. As a new emerging power, Doorwin tends to be more innovate and modern while stays classic. Try a Doorwin windows next time , you have no idea how much surprise you are going to have. For more information, welcome to visit Doorwin at

November 15, 2019 — DOORWINGROUP