Does Doorwin Make Good Windows?  What Makes Doorwin Attractive?

 As one of leading window manufacturers in China, Doorwin strives to pursuit the high-end aluminum & wood windows/ doors in general and creative style, favored by many homeowners and construction professionals. By exporting to North America, Europe and Australia for 20 years, Doorwin’s products are designed to exceed North American NFRC code requirements. Independent testing by Intertek USA confirms that their products perform exceptionally well in all climate zones. Their products are suitable for commercial and residential projects, with product lines at several price points to satisfy the needs of both premium and value markets. Their industry-leading customization services provides options to meet even the most stringent requirements. With a factory area of 20,000 m2 and production capacity of 100,000 m2 per year. Doorwin Group has the scale to ensure timely delivery and the flexibility to reduce manufacturing lead time to as short as 18 days. 



Doorwin aims to be one of the most innovative professional window manufacturers in China in the field of high-end aluminum/ wood windows for now and years to come. The company focus on modern advanced style design while maintains the classic styles to satisfy different demands of various clients. Doorwin devotes itself to surprise its clients with excellent quality and performance, offering top-ranking customized service to allow for the freedom to dream for your dream home.    

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When we are talking about window production process, we are talking about some detailed matters about the window manufacturers. It could be divided to three main aspects: raw materials, manufacturing part, quality assurance system. Taking wood aluminum tilt-turn window as example, let’s see how does Doorwin make good windows.

RAW MATERIALS: Wood aluminum tilt turn window is a window style originated in Europe and popular in modern homes, featuring solid wood interior and aluminum exterior cladding in materials as well as dual functions that swing like a door and opens from the top like hoppers. For materials, solid wood is available in popular species like pine, oak, teak, also available in hem, mahogany, alder, walnut, etc. Finger joint wood technique is applied to allow for better intensity. For exterior aluminum, we use the finest extruded aluminum with the thickness of 1.4 mm to 1.6 mm, which is much thicker and stronger than many of the companies. Color options are all available in over 200 RAL classic colors. Our Seamlessly Welded Joint technique gets the miter joints welded and ground smooth for additional strength, protection and improved aesthetics. For hardware, we applied Germany originally made brand ROTO/ SIEGENIA, which is a well-known for its multi- point lock for high security and longevity. As for glazing, all of the our glass are fully tempered glasses, which uniformly shatters into small pieces for safety. Double glazing is our standard options and triple glazing, low-e coating, argon gas filled is available for higher performance demand. (Find out more about it, visit 


MANUFACTURING PART: After we select excellent materials, the next step is to manufacture. From beginning to ending, experienced workers are working hard and responsible at every part of every product. Each part of the windows can be tracked if anything doesn’t goes right. For every step of, there is one separate zone. With the support of advanced machines, zones connect closely to the front and back one to form our great manufacturing networks.


QUALITY ASSURE SYSTEM: Doorwin has its own systematic quality assure system.We applied 5 main point checking system. Firstly, we will build one Small professional team, and choose 8 most experienced workers to cut & assemble all windows &doors. Then select 2 quality inspectors to control the quality and performance from the beginning to end. Secondly, when all aluminum/ wood profiles arrive at our factory, our quality control inspectors will check all of them one by one, that way, we can make sure all finishing are with good quality. Thirdly, when our workers cut and assemble the wood/ aluminum frames, scratch and damages are not allowed to happen. Fourthly, after the assembling is finished, quality control inspector will check the joints of wood/ window frames to make sure all joints are smooth. Fifthly, when all windows & doors are completed, we will test all windows and doors to see whether they function well. If there is any item that can not work well, we will adjust the hardware and accessories until they work well.



Doorwin has always been known as its design service. Most window manufacturers would like to offer you ready made products in popular sizes, but Doorwin wants to surprise you with custom made sizes and products. Any of your windows sizes or colors is our popular ones, that’s what Doorwin means for custom made products. Taking more energy and more time, to get products real custom made with good quality we promised to you. That’s what Doorwn means for freedom to design.

One of our design examples is: we are able to design casement window with double hung appearance. It still functions as an inward swing window and looks likes a double hung window, thus it combines the benefits of casement while keeping the classic look of double hung. (Find out more about it, visit 


Next time try a Doorwin product, to experience what window design and quality Doorwin brings.


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