Common Windows and Doors Categories

Main window types

According to the opening way, most companies can provide casement windows; tilt turn windows (German tilt and turn windows); sliding windows; single/double hung windows; awing windows, fixed windows (fixed glass windows) and other specialty windows according to the client’s requirements.

windows types

According to the materials used, most companies can provide vinyl windows; aluminum alloy windows; thermal break aluminum windows; solid wood windows and aluminum-wood composite windows.

thermal break aluminum

aluminum clad wood

Components of the window

The window are consist of window frame, glass and hardware system. The window frame is part of the window that holds the glazing and sits between the glazing and the wall of the building when installed. It can be made out of a wide variety of materials, and can be made solely out of one material or a composite of numerous materials. The most common frame types are wooden window frames based on various wooden window frames designs, vinyl frames, aluminum frames and aluminum-wood composite frames. For the glass, double or triple glazing for double glazed windows or triple glazed windows are used widely. Double glass windows prices or triple glass windows prices are vary according to the window style. The hardware system used are top quality European brand hardware (such as ROTO, HOPPE, SIEGENIA and so on) for high security and longevity.

Germany brand hardware

The main door types

According to the opening way, Doors can be divided into French doors, sliding doors and folding doors (accordion doors).

lift sliding door

According to the materials used, vinyl doors, aluminum alloy doors,thermal break aluminum doors, solid wood doors and aluminum-wood composite doors can be provided mostly.

BI-Folding door

alu clad wood door

Customize your windows and doors with an abundance of options

Doorwin is one of your best choice. Doorwin is one of the leading window and door manufacturers in China. It has 3 fully owned plants across China and its powerful productivity and professional team can meet any special requirements. Doorwin is experienced in residential and commercial projects for the windows and doors. Whether you need residential, vinyl windows, or commercial windows and doors, Doorwin will be the right land to find what you need. In Doorwin, all the windows and doors types, sizes, shapes could be customized according to the client’s requirements. Such as large casement windows; timber louver windows, curved glass windows, wood grain finishing aluminum windows, grill design wood windows, various style of internal house doors, kitchen swing doors, metal outside doors and thermally broken steel doors and so on. Please feel free to contact us today to find out more about our extensive service options.

3 fully owned factories

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