While furnishing your home with windows, some questions you might have to think about windows. The No.1 question is what window style you should choose. Casement and double hung are both popular windows types, you may be curious to know if you mix casement and double hung window in a house? What window types is good for my home?

Casement & Double Hung


Casement is a a window type that hinged at the frame, usually at the bottom, to swing open horizontally. If it’s hinged at top and open outward, it’s an awning; at the bottom, it’s a hopper. American style casement usually swing open outward 90 degree with a crank. Germany style casement window (casement) can swing inward or outward 180 degree with a handle, even open in a tilt and turn way. (Find out more about Germany style tilt turn window, click www.doorwingroup.com). Casement window provides maximum ventilation and modern elements to homes.

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Double hung window is a window type with two movable sashes which slide vertically. Top sash slides down and bottom sash slides up to allow for freedom for users to decide how much space to leave. Double hung doesn’t take up any inside or outside space, which means it’s good for kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Double hung is classic window type for traditional houses,its great grille design is favored by many homeowners.


Can I Mix Casement And Double Hung Windows?

Casement and double hung are two different window types. You may want to know if you can mix casement and double hung. It’s okay to mix them in a house. There are 2 ways of it. One is to install casement and double hung in different or same rooms, like casement for living room, double hung for kitchens and bathrooms. You can also install both casement and double hung in the same bedrooms. That’s easy to do. The other way is to mix casement and double hung in the same opening, that is, to function like a casement while remain the look of double hung. This requires the ability of design.

Doorwin is known by is its creative design service. It can mix casement and double hung together to provide customers both modern and classic experience. By mixing them, Doorwin means to remain the functions of casement while keep the classic look of double hung. This window combination can swing open inward or outward like a casement window to allow for maximum ventilation. It can also maintain the look of double hung in appearance as well as various styles of grille design. It looks like double hung and functions like casement. Thus it combines both advantages of both casement and double hung,presenting both modern and classic look at the same time. Doorwin not only can provides design windows to mix casement and double hung, it can also design slim modern window with ultra narrow from to provide maximum view. To know more about Doorwin windows, visit www.doorwingroup.com.

To choose a good window type for your home is not easy, all the factors should be took into consideration. Contact a Doorwin window experts to get professional assistance.


October 28, 2019 — DOORWINGROUP